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9 Organizations that Provide Kids with Playgrounds around the World

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Playgrounds are an organic source of fun for kids. Put any kid in a playground, and they will immediately start engaging with the props even if they’ve never been in such an environment before.

Unfortunately, many kids haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy playgrounds as much as kids in developed countries. On the positive side of things, there are reputable organizations that make an effort to change that fact. They provide playgrounds for kids all around the world.

Lionel Smith, an education expert from UKBestEssays, explains: “It’s funny how we care about all kids from all around the world getting access to education, but we put a genuine play in the shade. Playgrounds help kids develop important motor skills, but they also take them away from the dangerous streets. They are just as important as schools.”

When we see how organizations bring the play to kids from all around the globe, we might get inspired to do the same. Check out these 9 examples:

The Philippines: Play Pilipinas

Play Pilipinas doesn’t have the typical organizational approach. It’s more of a community of people who join forces to protect a child’s right to play in communities, institutions, and schools across the Philippines.

The playgrounds are quite simple but safe and effective. The Facebook page of the organization is quite active, and it inspires parents to provide their kids with as much play as possible.

Ghana: Empower Playgrounds

This organization’s mission is to “enhance educational opportunities for children in deprived villages in Ghana, West Africa by providing renewable energy through electricity-generating playground equipment, smart LED lanterns, and hands-on science kits.”

Electricity-generating playground equipment is a pretty unique and exciting concept. We’re talking about merry-go-rounds that are not just meant for having fun. They also generate renewable energy so that the kids can use lanterns in their homes and classrooms.

UK: The City of Play

Big cities, such as Glasgow, have a severe issue: there are not enough parks and playgrounds for kids. The focus is on using space for commercial purposes. The City of Play is an organization that aims to change that. It provides fun, multi-disciplined playgrounds that develop team vibes within communities.

UK: Pop-Up Adventure Play

This organization is founded upon the belief that all children have the right to play in a safe and supportive environment. The playgrounds that result from that principle are free and straightforward. They are full of loose parts, such as fabric and cardboard boxes, but the creative design shows that even the simplest items can be fun when you find a new way to use them.

Vietnam: Think Playgrounds

This organization builds engaging playgrounds in urban areas across Vietnam. The toys are made of wood and other natural materials.

Guatemala: Eco Cabezas

The nature in Guatemala is charming, and this organization uses that advantage of the settings. It builds playgrounds that encourage children to explore the natural surroundings. For parents trying to engage their kids in outdoor activities, these playgrounds are just perfect.

India: Gudgudee

This is a product and space design studio focused on projects that inspire original play. Their vision is to transform public spaces in India, and significant major steps towards that goal. The playgrounds encourage children to think, talk, explore, relax, and use their creative thinking skills.

Global: Rise Now

This organization’s playground program is currently limited to Mexico, India, and African countries. The point is to bring people together towards action in service of the community and the environment. The playgrounds are built mainly by using recycled tires. That just shows how something you’d usually throw away can be used as the perfect tool for children’s play.

Uganda: East African Playgrounds

This is another organization that puts old tires back to use. The difference is that the playgrounds also include traditional playground structures.

Some Ugandan children have been through horrifying experiences. This organization’s goal is to help them recover by using a language they all understand: play.

If you have the power to build playgrounds as part of an organization, you can contribute to a better world. Just look at what the above-listed organizations are doing. They are taking practical steps toward meaningful change.  

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