fbpx 5 Playground Activities That Help Children Succeed in the Future

5 Playground Activities That Help Children Succeed in the Future

Tue, 07/21/2020 - 11:50am
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5 Playground Activities That Help Children Succeed in the Future

There is hardly any parent that doesn’t want their kids to become a successful person, so they start involving them in many activities to prepare them for adult life early on. And sometimes, keeping the balance between force-feeding them useful skills or knowledge and let them enjoy sweet childhood can be incredibly difficult. Is there a way to combine it both in the most natural environment the kids can learn - while playing? In fact, there is a lot of them, and some are great to involve your kids in on the playground, and before we list the best playground activities, let’s see why it is crucial for the child’s development. 

Why on the Playground?

The first reason why namely playground activities are great for the kids is that they are outside, which means the kid will be exposed to fresh air and vitamin D. Secondly, having other kids there will make your kid wanting to play outside with them and not to sit at home. Finally, nearly all playground activities are physical, which will benefit the muscle development of your kiddo and will keep them strong. So, what are the best games and activities that will help children to become more successful?

Top 5 Picks

  1. Using Active Play Equipment

    Some kids take failures too close to the heart, which can become a problem in the future when it comes to professional competition at work. “And believe, this isn’t something writers can omit because it’ll never rear its head”, says a resume writer from CraftResumes. Activities that involve moderate competitions (even with oneself) like trails or climbing frames will not only keep the high level of physical exercising but also teach a kid that every fall is another chance to do it better. Swings, for instance, will develop your kid’s vestibular apparatus and make them less prone to motion sickness and help them to conquer the fear of hight.

  2. Learn While Playing

    Classic hopscotch game (ant its variations) is a great example of how learning mathematics can be introduced in the most enjoyable way and don’t scare them away from the abstract concepts. Plus, it’s one of the games highly recommended for the kids who are diagnosed with ADHD symptoms, where decreasing anxiety and increasing focus are the goals.

    Another preschool activity, Sand and Water game, is also a fun way to introduce the children to the notions of volume and state, and also -- to measurements. Believe us, it will save you a lot of nerves during homeschooling.

  3. Sharing Sand Toys (and the Fun that Comes with Them)

    If a playground is a great environment to teach kids important stuff, getting along with others should definitely be one of them. While there are many other kids from various backgrounds and nationalities, playing with them will add to the formation of a more inclusive worldview and acceptance of others. Teaching them how to offer someone to play or share toys with others will definitely go a long way in the future. And yes, no game is perfect and there might be some arguing about whose turn is to use a fish form, but that’s exactly the point! It will teach them how to navigate conflicts and stand their ground. Just don’t forget the sand play safety rules to avoid unpleasant situations.

  4. Play (Any) Ball

    Basketball, soccer, simply passing the ball back and forth - doesn’t matter, as it trains kid’s focus, spatial orientation, and muscles. And if this is a team ball game - it’s even better because it develops a team spirit and leadership qualities, something that is hardly taught anywhere. What’s more important, this is a great way to teach the rules and causality.   

  5. Free Plays

    I take the audacity to argue that free play is far more enjoyable to most kids than structured ones. Why? Because their creativity gets unleashed, they learn how to cooperate, and see how to create an environment that benefits every player, among other things. Believe me, your kid will love some independence, and what’s more important, will become independent.

    Kids learn faster from playing and interacting with each other, and combining that with a bit of physical activity makes it even more beneficial to their well-being and readiness to explore the world. Luckily, the only thing that is needed for you to help your kid to succeed in the future is to take them to the playground and watch the magic happening. 

Laura Garbers writes about child’s preschool growth and helps parents around the world to take the necessary steps to ensure the holistic development of their children.