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Tips For Taking Kids Fishing

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 9:33am
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Kids love to get immersed in any fun and entertaining activity, and even though fishing falls into the category of more slow and relaxing outdoor activities, there are innumerable ways to get your kids to absolutely love it. Little anglers are taught from an early age how to hold and swing the fishing pole and get a reward for a job well done. However, amongst all other innovative outdoor sports activities, fishing teaches kids patience and gratitude. Introduce this engaging family activity to your little ones in a fun way, and spend quality time outdoors on fresh air, peaceful surrounding talking and laughing. And here is how.

Choose the location wisely

Depending on their age, size, and height, probably choosing to fish from shore would be the best idea. If you want your kids to love fishing, take them to a pond or place where you know there are plenty of fish. Casting can take a lot of energy and stamina, and if there is a strong gale, they might be pushed into the water. Therefore, find an easily accessible area, preferably a shallow area where there are tiny fish to place a chair for your little new angler. Ponds and timid lakes are ideal for fishing with kids. If you want to take them fishing like a professional, then you must find the most stable fishing kayak so that they can catch their dream fish safely from the water.

Get the suitable equipment

Start easy and pay close attention to getting adequate fishing equipment suitable for children. For starters, you definitely need a rope, line, live bait, maybe waterproof shoes, and for "just in case" situations, a first-aid kid. Make sure that you get simplified short rods designated for children's use. When it comes to bait, start with worms since kids get excited when hooking them. If they get disgusted by them, don't force them to hook the bait in that case and do it on your own instead. Teach them in advance how to hook the worm and cast the line, but do it on "dry" land at first.

Timing is of the essence

Don't expect that fishing will be a tranquil activity if you take kids, on the contrary, expect a lot of action, questions and even running around. As fishing requires patience and dedication, the length of time spent fishing with kids will be determined by your kid's age, willingness, and energy. Don't push them to stay longer, but rather stay fishing as long as they are interested. Don't expect them to catch the fish as well, and at the same time don't let them pout about it. Explain to them mindfully that catching fish takes time and effort, and the point of fishing together is spending quality time with family.

Practice makes it perfect

Even if your preschooler wants to go fishing, try to avoid and not start when they are too young. Young children are unpredictable and this fun family time may not end up the way you want it. Go to the beach, river or lake and keep your child active by encouraging him to use the rod and practice casting instead. Practice makes it perfect and with time they will learn how to but bait on the hook and cast the line properly. Later, when they are old enough, around age 6 or 7, you can them real-life fishing.

Be safe at all times

Always check the weather conditions before you head out fishing. Of course, don't go when it is raining, and if the sun is strong ensure your child wears sunscreen. Kids and water don’t always go hand in hand, so keep your kids in sight at all times. Teach your kids the safest way to use the rod, go through “do”s and “don’t”s when fishing from a boat. Explain the rules when fishing from the boat, if necessary wear a protective life jacket.


Let them enjoy the experience for themselves. Have fun by playing games while waiting for fish to catch the bait, have a picnic, bring a wireless speaker and play some tunes, and simply unwind.

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