fbpx The Science of Play: a Collaboration Between PlayCore & Dr. Stuart Brown

The Science of Play: a Collaboration Between PlayCore & Dr. Stuart Brown

Tue, 03/26/2019 - 2:47pm
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Renowned play expert Dr. Stuart Brown is committed to bringing the unrealized knowledge, practices, and benefits of play into public life. Throughout a lifelong career in medicine and play research, Dr. Brown has written and lectured about the value of play in numerous public and scholarly forums, directed and produced several documentaries and learning series about play and similar topics for CBS, PBS, and BBC, presented a Ted Talk on play, and written the book Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul.

PlayCore shares the same dedication to developing research, programs, and partnerships to build communities through play and recreation. The company maintains a network of scholars and universities unequaled in the industry to help further play and recreation research, develop best practices, and produce evidence-based publications to help communities maximize play and recreation opportunities. The company was honored when Dr. Brown agreed to partner with them in an ongoing partnership, serving as their writer in residence, and promoting the value of play in a variety of meaningful ways. 

“PlayCore and Dr. Brown are colleagues and allies in understanding the importance of play and its implications on the health and well being of children and families,” stated Anne-Marie Spencer, VP Of Marketing for PlayCore and PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, and Education. “We are honored to have a working relationship with Dr. Brown, and to be able to help play research become more widely and easily available to people who want to bring about a healthy change in their communities through the advancement of play.”

The Science of Play gathers Dr. Brown’s rich expertise into an exciting and educational resource, to help expand the clinical scientific knowledge of human play and deliver the transformative power of play to all segments of society.

Educators, recreation professionals, and anyone wanting to learn more about the importance and science of play are welcome to request a copy at https://www.playcore.com/programs/science-of-play

About PlayCore

PlayCore is a purpose-driven Company committed to building stronger communities around the world by advancing play and recreation.  The company infuses scholarly learning, through its Center for Outreach, Research, and Education, into its comprehensive family of brands.  PlayCore combines best-in-class educational programming with the most comprehensive portfolio of play and recreation products and services to create tailored solutions that match the unique needs of each community served.     

For more information or book cover image, contact Anne-Marie Spencer Corporate VP of Marketing, PlayCore, [email protected]

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