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Top Games for Learning Foreign Languages in College

Tue, 01/07/2020 - 12:05pm
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Learning a foreign language can be challenging most of the time, particularly for students who find themselves in a college environment where the language is used more than English – even though English is the primary language. So, what is the way forward? How do you learn this foreign language without the stress that comes with learning a new language? The answer is games. Language learning games for college students are the best ways to promote language learning. The reason for this is that as a college student, you have a lot of things on your mind and adding a new language learning process can be stressful. Learning foreign languages with games can give you an edge as it is fast, and your mind can process the information better.

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Why learning languages with games are more effective?

The human mind is wired to prevent anything that would cause stress, and it is the same with any learning process. On the other hand, when we play games, we tend not to feel tired as we usually do when we learn. This points to the fact that we learn better – including languages – when we incorporate a fun side to a learning process. All of this points to the fact that learning languages with games help build your confidence when it comes to other languages, and you learn faster as well.

How Vocabulary Games Benefit Students

Vocabulary games are effective learning tools for every person looking to improve their vocabulary and learn new languages. Language learning games give you the full package when it comes to the language in question. This means that you not only learn the language, you also learn the intonation meaning that you sound like someone who learned the language from a tender age even though it is merely a new gaming experience.

Games for Beginners and Intermediate Learning

Compared to the traditional language learning apps, which can only go so far, games help us refine every one of our skills. Skills like spelling, grammar, listening and written comprehension amongst others. The good thing about games is that it allows us to learn without anxiety and stress; something other methods have not been able to accomplish. Simply put it helps you learn new languages without all the stress and hard work. 

Here you can find the best resume writing service where you can get advice from a professional essay writer who can suggest useful games to you on personal terms. There are many language learning games for college students, but in this article, we have selected some of the best. This selection is primarily based on the educational qualification we are talking about -which is college.

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1. Pictionary

The game Pictionary is a fun and exciting way to improve your language spellings, oral expressions, and vocabulary. It is a useful language learning game that helps you learn a language and speak like that language rather than learning Chinese and speaking like a Portuguese, which is the trend with many language learning apps.

How to play: all you need to do initially is choose enough words, write them on different papers and place in a bowl.

Once you have everyone, split players into two groups. Divide a board into two and give each team a marker for writing. When the game begins, each player will pick a random word from the bowl. Once you pick a paper, you will go to the board and draw on the board so the rest of the players can guess the word. The game does not allow words or sounds. The first team to guess the word gets the points. The person who guessed the word must stand and write the word on the board.

This can be made educational where the person who guessed the word must stand and write on the board without looking at the paper. Once the words are finished, you can know the winner.

2. Hangman

Hangman helps to practice spellings. This is another effective game when it comes to learning languages but should be done and wrapped up quickly. This is because this language learning game can easily get boring in the long run. Here all you have to do is think of a word and write down the same number of dashes in the word. Then you ask everyone to suggest letters, and if they are part of the words, you put it down. If on the other hand, the letter is not part of the words, you start drawing a hanging man. If the words are guessed before the words are completed, they win, but if it's the other way around, they lose.

3. Charades

This is a great online game that improves vocabulary and helps you become creative. 

Before you split players into teams, you must write words on paper and keep them in a place where team members can make draws. You have to flip a coin to decide who goes first and when this is done, the team has to draw a paper. If the phrase is one, the player can communicate, by holding up fingers, how many words there are, and which words he’ll act out. He will then act the words until the team gets the right answer. There are only 5 minutes per word for your team.

4. Translate the song

This game improves vocabulary and memory. In this game, the players have 15 minutes to translate as many words as they can. This game varies and can be done with prepositions, nouns, and adjectives. When everyone is done, you can give them 10 minutes to exchange their work and grade one another. After this, the correct translation of the lyrics is given as well as the meaning and context.

5. Twenty Questions

It helps improve grammar, pronunciations, and vocabulary. This is an easy game, and all you need to is write the name of animals, celebrities and objects on cards. Each player will place his card on his forehead for everyone to see. Next, one person would ask the rest of the group questions and guess what is on their cards. The players have 20 questions, and the students would use all the vocabulary they know with grammar practiced in the form of open-ended questions, closed-ended questions and elaborate answers with full sentences.

There are many language games which help us get over all our fears when it comes to learning a new language. Apart from these games we highlighted here, there are also good games online that help with the language. Many believe them to be for children, but it is far more than that as many adults also find them very effective.

Take out time to use most of these playground games list for your language learning practices as a college student.

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