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Parent-Teacher Guide to the Internet

Tue, 04/02/2019 - 12:00pm
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Parent & Teacher Guide to the Internet

The internet is full of great resources and fun games - it is a world of learning. Many more kids are turning to the internet as a way to not only have fun and connect with their friends but also learn new skills. Although using the internet is a great way to learn something new or practice a new skill in a game, it’s important to encourage safety while children are online.

When you teach your children online safety tips, it doesn’t have to be boring or strictly in the classroom. Many times, including lessons in interactive formats, can help reinforce the ideas that have been brought up. These skills will help children safely navigate their internet throughout the rest of their lives. Whether it is online or on paper, including some interactive games is a great way to hold your child’s attention while reinforcing these important ideas and skills.

By combining these important lessons in a format that is easier for children to understand, they can not only learn the necessary skills but also look forward to learning these skills. If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way to help teach your children about internet safety, check out this guide by The Connection here.

Jermaine graduated from Herzing University with a Bachelors in Homeland Security and Public Safety. He is a huge science fiction/fantasy nerd and an avid video gamer.