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How To Develop Self-Discipline In Children

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 8:00am
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It is essential to cultivate self-discipline in our children because it leads to success and happiness in life. A low level of self-discipline results in less positive outcomes, fewer accomplishments, and more stress. Here are some ways that you can cultivate self-discipline in the lives of your children. 

First, you should be making a plan about how you will cultivate discipline, as well as whatever you are working toward. Write it down and keep it around so that you have a reminder about what to do, and make one for your child that’s easy to understand as well. 

Second, remind them to be mindful of their emotions and do not give in to temptations. Encourage them not to do unhealthy or unnecessary things just because they are bored or have nothing else to do. Instead, give them options that are better for them. For example, don't let kids eat out of boredom. If they are in the process of doing a task and there is a period of time where they are waiting around, do not let them get bored and go off track from what they were doing. Certain things like sleep and food can be overdone, which should be avoided.

Think about what dreams children have and get them to create a dream board. A dream board is a physical display showing your goals and dreams within a given time frame. Place the dream board somewhere where they will see it every day so that they remember what their goals are. 

Find role models in their life, other than yourself, who they can look up to and have as examples. Look for people who you feel are where they want to be, are accomplished and on track in their lives. Stay away from people who are undisciplined, unaccomplished, have negative attitudes, and have negative habits. 

Another part of instilling self-discipline in children is to get them to take accountability for their actions. Do not let them blame anyone but themselves for their own actions. Once they realize that they are in control or at fault for their own actions, they will be able to discipline themselves better. Check out this infographic for more! Read more here.





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