fbpx Checklist of Must-See Websites and Blogs for The Child to Learn In-Play

Checklist of Must-See Websites and Blogs for The Child to Learn In-Play

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 5:21pm
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Websites and blogs for learning

Kids seem to be truly tech-savvy these days, and fortunately, there are websites that can not only entertain the child but also secretly engage him in learning. Here is the list of websites that help with children and productive resources to grab useful information for parents.


This is a truly engaging and incredibly detailed website for kids over 7 years old. The best solution if your kid bombards you with questions you can not figure out the answer for every day. The answers to new questions are added daily so that you can get a day-to-day portion of information to satisfy a curious mind. Virtual camps with a variety of topics will keep the child busy as well as bring together the whole family. Even if your child is under 7 years old, the site would still be useful as one can add unknown words to the virtual build-in dictionary. 


Being based on a well-known series of children’s books, the website is focused on enhancing the kid’s ability to read and understand the text. Kids can earn Mission Medallions, fill reading passports after completing passages. The creators also added all kinds of quizzes and puzzles. The only drawback is that it is mainly based around books, hence the “Buy” buttons are all over the place.


The website has all activities divided into categories ‘Games’, ‘Reading’, ‘Videos’, ‘Playground’, and ‘Math zone’ that are sorted by age. Its simplicity in design and overall usability is what draws children. While the website does offer online versions of books and educational games, it is also filled with arcade-style games.


This is one of the most functional toddlers’ educational websites. It has plenty of games for kids in kindergarten, its simplistic design will not make the child ask his parents for help. Being one of the best educational websites, it really offers that type of content your kids really will be interested in. Songs, math, reading, letter, seasonal games, spelling - all in one place.


The main heroes on the website, Boowa, and Kwala, will spend time with the kid playing more than 800 games, singing songs, and learning more about the world and seasonal holidays. Nothing too sophisticated, but isn’t it what a website for children should be?


The website has a high educational value and no room for arcades. However, despite its simplicity, a toddler might need parents’ help when navigating the website. 

Khan Academy Kids

It is an app highly rated online by parents. It is often called a virtual preschool teacher. The main advantage of apps for kids is the absence of advertisements and buying offers so that the child does not get lost on the Internet.


‘What are some kid-friendly websites?’ - you might ask. Minieco is a site for craftsy kids, that offers esthetically pleasing ideas, that your kid would like to use for house decoration.


Playful pantry is among the top kids’ blogs for cooking. Being filled with rainbows and unicorns, exciting product offers for kids, both healthy and not-so-healthy recipes, this blog is a lucky find. By the way, if you are going to add a kid recipe or start your own blog then refer to writing service review websites like Pick the Writer and Writing Judge to choose a service for proofreading your text.


Joel is an artist and designer who devoted himself to providing children with creative ideas. The blog is minimalistic in design and has heaps of craft options for children from 0 to 10+ years.


Superhealthykids is one of the best free blog sites for kids as far as it not only contains delicious kid recipes but also plenty of advice for parents on how to form healthy habits in kids for a future sustainable lifestyle. 


Learning in-play seems to be the only truly effective option to teach kids the basics of reading and counting. However, do not forget about cooking blogs to tie healthy habits and artsy crafts to develop kid’s imagination and creativity.

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