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Benefits Of Playing Piano For Children

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 1:22pm
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Benefits Of Playing Piano For Children

Surely you've heard that people who listen to classical music were little are smarter, right? 

This statement is not entirely correct since it is not a question of starting from childhood to listen to a lot of classical music, but of learning to play it. 

For years, the star instrument that all the experts in musicology and cognitive development of children recommend starting to play from very early ages is always the same: the piano. 

With regard to this statement, several studies have already wanted to affirm that the piano is an instrument that, apart from having a beautiful and enveloping sound, is also capable of offering us a multitude of benefits; especially if we start with his learning as kids.

Of course, it can also bring good things to adults, but it will not be the same. 

The key to making learning better for us and giving us higher qualities than the rest is that we start playing it when we are very young; so that the development of our brain and our personality evolves along with our level of learning with the piano.

Surely you still have a lot of doubts and you don't really know if what they say is true, or are nothing more than simple rumors that have been making bigger over the years; like the old legends that our grandparents told us and that they pass from generation to generation. But no, the piano is not a legend; and neither are its benefits.

Do you want to know all the good it can do for your children to start learning how to play the piano? We explain everything below. Take note!

  1. Improve your self-esteem

    Learning to play an instrument is something that takes a lot of study and effort, so every little achievement a child makes, like playing half a piece or playing really complicated chords, will make her feel better about herself, raising morale and motivating her to continue advancing each day a little more. Maybe it will be their hobby.

    If we compare it to playing a sport, when a child manages to play a piano piece in front of his loved ones without any mistakes, he feels the same satisfaction and joy as when a child has just scored the goal that gives victory to his team. In both cases, the benefit is the same: to feel good and proud of themselves.

  2. Stimulates Your Mental Development

    This is possibly the main and most important of its benefits: when a child starts practicing the piano from a very young age it will stimulate the development of his mind and brain.

    Playing the piano is an activity that requires the simultaneous use of several areas of our brain, so if a child learns to play it while his brain is still developing, the piano will sharpen his brain capacity, growing and developing skills that no other child could possibly have developed at that age.

    This early development of intellectual abilities can only occur in child musicians, as the brain needs to read notes, while we execute them using our fingers; something really complex compared to more basic sporting activities like playing football or doing athletics.

  3. Improves your academic results

    This statement is directly related to the previous one, since indeed a child who is learning to play the piano or any other instrument, will have greater ease of studying and her overall performance will be better.

    Several studies analyzed in which areas of study, children musicians obtained better results, mathematics or arithmetic being the most outstanding subjects. 

    Contrary to what many might think, musicians and mathematics need not be enemies, but on the contrary; the more problems there are, the better. 

    A musician has a greater ability to solve problems, so you're math doesn’t have to become a problem in your career.

  4. Improving your personality and social skills

    Apart from all the academics and your activities on brain development, the piano also has the power to make us better people; more open, empathetic, and sociable. 

    If there's one thing music does, it brings people together. An orchestra is made up of many different people who like to do the same, so when children become part of a musical group, no matter how small, they will enter a very large and culturally rich social group. 

    Therefore, musicians, whether they want to or not, are social beings and very sensitive to emotions, as they work with them every day through their instruments.

As you can see, the benefits of playing the piano are infinite, as apart from all those mentioned in this article, there are many more. 

The magic of music crosses all barriers, becoming a comfort to our lives and a tool that helps us to become better people.

If you want your child to start enjoying all these benefits and get to know the wonderful first-person music experience, Don't hesitate to take it to the nearest music school or hire a private teacher to teach you how to play the piano as soon as possible. You won't be sorry!

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