fbpx Back to School Shoes Perfect for the Classroom and Playground

Back to School Shoes Perfect for the Classroom and Playground

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 8:00am
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It’s almost time for your kiddos to head back to school. And, while they’re busy enjoying the last few weeks of summer camp, late nights and sleepovers, you’re already wondering what you’ll need to buy for the impending academic year.

One thing that’s always on the list is a good pair of shoes that will look great in the classroom while withstanding the running, jumping, climbing, swinging and hopping that takes place on the playground. The following four types of shoes have been tried and tested: they’re both stylish and sturdy. In other words, both you and your child will love them.

1. Wellies

There will always be a day when your child heads out on the playground after it has rained. Rather than send him or her to school in regular sneakers and hope they don’t get ruined by mud and grass stains — and to avoid the discomfort that comes with damp socks and shoes — try a pair of wellies on for size instead.

Rain boots don’t have to be clunky or heavy; they don’t have to be hard to put on, either. In fact, many kids’ pairs come in shorter varieties so that they’re wearable both indoors and out. Plus, larger handles on the sides help your little one pull the boots on all by him or herself.

2. Athletic Sneakers

Obviously, your child can play to their heart’s content in a pair of athletic shoes — they’re built for sport, after all. There’s no best brand to buy, but you can ensure the sneakers suit your child depending on the way they’re laced up. Velcro works best for younger kids, while older ones might prefer laces.

You can also use shoelaces in many other helpful ways such as lacing them to make them more supportive for a high instep or a slippery insole. To that end, you can lace your child’s shoes to make them even sturdier and more secure for playground play. If your child has wide feet, for example, foregoing a traditional crisscross lace for a straight-across one in the first hole can relieve tension on the front of the foot.

3. Slip-On Sneakers

They’re not as supportive as a purely athletic shoe, but slip-ons are a bit more fashionable for students who like to look sharp and play on the playground. And, much like athletic sneakers with Velcro or elastic laces, kids of all ages can be responsible for putting these shoes right on themselves. Getting dressed on their own is a huge part of a child's development, so allowing your son or daughter to put on their own shoes each day is very important.

4. Classic School Shoes

Perhaps your child is not a sneaker kind of kid. Don’t worry: there are still plenty of shoes made to withstand both the school hallways and the playground equipment. In fact, classic school shoes with thick rubber soles have the look and the support every child needs.

For boys, you can imagine what this style might look like. Loafers, boat shoes or leather shoes will always look smart, especially with school uniforms that are equally as traditional. On that note, many schools have specific requirements when it comes to school shoes that go with school uniforms, and and you have a much better chance of matching those rules with a traditional shoe in a single color.

For little girls, you can never go wrong with a classic Mary Jane. And, because they’re so timeless, both boys’ loafers and girls’ Mary Janes now come in Velcro varieties so they’re easy to throw on in the morning, too.

The most important rule in choosing a back-to-school shoe is that you’re buying something that suit’s your son or daughter’s needs and personality. It may seem difficult to do, but with these guidelines, you can narrow down the field, try on less and find the shoe that fits both your requirements and your child’s wants.  

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