fbpx 5 Fun Learning Activities to Keep Kids Engaged in Summer

5 Fun Learning Activities to Keep Kids Engaged in Summer

Tue, 08/11/2020 - 5:46pm
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As kids set out on summer break, their moms and dads hope they don’t lose the knowledge that they've gained during the school year. To keep your kids’ minds working during the hot season, we strongly recommend to not only entertain and amuse the little ones but also make sure they have regular study sessions as well.

Summer learning provides parents with a great opportunity to help their child cover many different subjects and thus, get ahead when school starts. There are loads of learning activities that are not only fun for the children, but also encourage creativity and learning at any grade level. Check our list of some fun options to make the most of these lazy days.

Memory Game in the Fresh Air

Learn new words, practice exercises, and multiply numbers with some nice memory game using paper plates. All you have to do is to collect some paper plates and draw something on them. It’s up to you to choose the items that your kid will deal with – numbers, words, colors, shapes, and so on. No matter what you write, it is important to make sure that each item has a pair. To practice with your kid, you have to spread paper plates face down on the floor or in the garden and ask the little one to look for the right matches. If you decide to challenge your child, play this game with synonym or antonym words and ask them to make up short sentences with each pair.

Car Bingo

If you are about to go on a family vacation, you have a great chance to turn long and tiresome rides into a fun and skills enhancing routine. The Car Bingo game could be an option if you want to keep your kids busy. Make sure to prepare a car bingo card with different colors, words, shapes that the little ones will 100% see while traveling in order to boost reading and math skills.

Word Hunt

If you want your kids to build or boost both counting and reading skills, it’s time to hunt the words! Prepare a list of words that you’d like your child to memorize. Put down each word on a sticky note. Now, choose where you’re going to hide these notes. Provide your kid with the list and help them find these words in the house. Every time the word is found, ensure to ask the little one to pronounce it correctly. Once the kid is done with the hunting, read the words from the list again in order to create a short story using all of them.


Plan with your family a busy family activity day. Think about the most interesting places that you all should visit together and events that the whole family can truly enjoy. Ask your child to invite friends to make the weekend even more special. Do selfies. Have fun, play, laugh, eat ice-cream – do whatever makes you all happy. But the following day, you have to ask your kid to write a short essay about your weekend adventure. You might provide the list of questions to help your kid build a logical story. In case you’re not sure of your abilities to explain the writing rules to your child, online helpers are always there to ease the process for you and your little writer.  

Create a Word Jar

If you want to enhance your child’s vocabulary, make sure to prepare the so-called word jar. Together, you’re going to fill this jar with tiny pieces of paper with written words on each. As the summer days go by, your kid will take one word from the jar and define it. Turn this simple ritual into your everyday routine. In the process, you can challenge the little one to use this or that word in everyday conversations with friends and family members. This simple learning activity will help you build a strong vocabulary with your children and prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Without a doubt, summer is the best time for your kid to have fun, relax, forget about school, and simply recharge. But the reality is that parents have to do their best in order to help their children keep an active mind. Ensure to make summer learning activities an integral part of your kid’s routine. Thus, they will be able to do both – enjoy long summer days and prepare to succeed next school year!