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10 Creative Ways for Parents to Make Reading and Writing Fun

Tue, 12/17/2019 - 10:51am
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Reading and writing are two extremely important activities in a child's life as there are no better activities that can help them better to evolve. It’s crucial to make your kids like or even love these two activities because otherwise it simply won’t work, not without trauma.

You can only succeed to do so only by making reading and writing fun and you can do that by presenting and implementing these two activities as the most fun activities and the ones that only the smartest kids can play, as kids always want to be and do the best.

But first, before we present our top 10 creative ways to make reading and writing fun, we should cover 3 important aspects that every parent should keep in mind:

It’s All About Perspective – Promote Them as Fun and Not Mandatory Activities

Many kids that grow up as disliking reading and writing is because they’ve been taught that reading and writing are boring activities and that they are no fun and that it is work. Kids don’t want to work – they just want to play and have fun and you should play along and be smarter.

If you teach your kids that reading and writing are fun activities that can make them the smartest kids without having to work and put it like it’s their choice, the chances are they will grow up loving to write and read, according to Australia assignment help experts.

Don’t Impose a Certain Level – We All Evolve Differently

Expectations are the root of all evil if you ask me, there’s nothing good that comes out of this way of thinking, only disappointment. Therefore, as parents we shouldn’t expect our kids to reach a certain level at a certain age because if your kid doesn’t live up to your expectations he will feel that he disappointed you because he is not good enough – is that how you want to make your child feel?

We should all drop our expectations because there’s no good or wrong level as we all evolve in our own rhythm, sometimes we move slower and sometimes faster and there's nothing wrong with it. So, don’t try to control your child’s evolution, juts let him evolve in his own rhythm and accept him the way he is.

Children Imitate Their Parents

“It’s common knowledge that kids imitate their parent’s behavior, especially when they’re little as in their eyes we are like gods that hold the ultimate truth. Therefore, if there’s anything you want your child to do you should do it first,” says Philippa From, who works from home and can compare her children's behavior from day to day easily.

You should lead by example and always express how great reading and writing makes you feel and how fun reading is, so he will associate these activities with positive beliefs. Remember, most kids have their parents as role models and they even play “Mom and Dad” role-play because they want to be like them.

1 - Set the Rules Aside

When you want to make something really fun, rules simply contradict the idea of fun, so don’t try to correct your kids’ way of reading or writing because you’ll turn this activity from fun to boring and they will associate it with homeschooling.

2 - Let Your Children Read What They Like Not What You’d Like Them to Read

Let go of the control, you need to let your kids make their own decisions because they’re not supposed to like reading the same books as you do or write the way you’d like them to.

For instance, when I was young I really liked to read fantasy books as the mystic world made me so curious. But my mother wanted me to not read that type of books as she considered them time wasters, so she used to scold me for that and I grew up hating to read the books she would’ve liked me to read.

3 - Journaling is Always Fun 

Journaling is an amazing activity that can be very helpful for one’s mental health growing up and the faster you introduce it in your kids’ life, the better. But of course, to make them like writing you have to make it fun and challenging. And nothing is more challenging than learning how to write.

Luckily for you, today there are all sorts of journals for kids that can be very interactive and fun to use, so all you have to do is to promote this activity well.

4 - Have an Amazing Reading Spot

Most kids desire to have a place of their own like a fortress or house in the tree where they can have fun in the intimacy and secrecy that place brings. So, if you want to win them over and make writing and reading funny, all you have to do is to create an amazing reading spot that your kids will totally love.

5 - Make Your Child Believe That Reading and Writing Make Her a Superhuman

Kids love a good superhero story and their belief system works pretty easy as their parents control it mostly. Therefore, make a fantastic story about the greatest superhero of all times and about how he became superhuman because of reading and writing. And from there on you can make missions to look for certain information in books and write them down, so you can save the day.

6 - Dress Up For Story Time

Story-time is always fun times and the parents shouldn’t be the only storytellers. As well, story-time shouldn’t be boring and basic like just reading from a storybook. Have your kids tell their own written story at story-time, complete with costumes. 

7 - Read the Book then Watch the Movie

A rewarding system is always thrilling for the kids, so whenever your kids want to watch a movie tell them that they have to earn it. Have them read the story first and write a brief summary about it. Then you can all relax watching the movie while having pizza and ice cream.

8 - Provide Fun Pencils and Notebooks & Interactive Books

Reading is no longer what it used to be as there are so many interactive books for kids today that you have to spend ages until you decide which one to buy. Kids immediately fall in love with these interactive books and it becomes even more fun when you provide funny looking pencils. As well, there are a lot of funny-looking notebooks that you kids would love to write in.

9 - Turn it Into a Contest

Every child enjoys a good contest, especially when everybody wins something out of it. So, make simple contests that are based on using writing and reading skills. For instance: the fastest reader gets cupcakes at breakfast. Just be creative.

10 - Turn Going at the Library Into an Adventure

Kids love adventure as they enjoy every new experience and they seek only for new experiences and adventures. Therefore, make a habit to go to the library and turn it into the week’s biggest adventure in which their mission is to find their treasure – a book.


There are so many ways to make writing and reading fun for your kids so they will grow up loving these two activities. You just have to dare to use your imagination. You’ll just have to give your kids a good idea and from there on they will manage it with their wild imagination and creativity.

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