fbpx Parenting Win? 7 Benefits of Making Kids Share a Room

Parenting Win? 7 Benefits of Making Kids Share a Room

Tue, 11/05/2019 - 7:46am
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People who grow up with siblings may experience different childhoods, but some things are relatable. Siblings will always have fights, make memories and laugh a lot. When and where that happens will change, but families often face one common battle.

As your family grows, you'll run out of space in your home and may not have the resources to move. The way most families deal with this problem is by making their kids share a room, which has its pros and cons.

Before you redecorate and move your kids out of their own spaces, check out these seven benefits of making kids share a room. It could end up as the best possible solution, even if the initial idea is met with a tiny bit of resistance. 

1. You Save Space

Depending on the size of the room you're working with, you could save a ton of space in your home. Two, three or even four kids could share the same room with a couple of bunk beds. You'll soon find room in your home for other important features, like an office for homeschooling the kids or space for extra storage.

2. They Get to Bond

All parents want their kids to grow up and become close friends, which is set into motion when your kids share a room. They'll hang out together when they're having fun when they're sad and even when they're sick. It forms an unbreakable bond that's not as easy to build if they spend the majority of their time in separate rooms.

3. They Share More Chores

Sharing the same space means your kids will also share more chores. They'll learn to clean their rooms, make their beds and put away their laundry together. A Harvard University study found improved health and well-being in adults who did chores as children. You'll set your kids up for greater success if they do chores together in their room. 

4. They Learn Respect

Part of living with someone means learning to respect their wishes. Moving into the same room is a crash course in respect for kids. They'll need to learn what they like and don't like, which is easier if there are visible boundaries.

Ask each of your kids to pick out their favorite paint color. After they choose which side of the room they like best, paint their walls different colors to establish important visual boundaries. They'll know what space is theirs and what isn't, so it's easier to live in close quarters.

5. They Create Routines

Routines are crucial for kids in a few ways. By completing daily routines, kids understand time management better and establish healthy habits, like brushing their teeth. After they share a room, your kids will learn who uses the bathroom first, when they should make their beds and what time they'll brush their teeth at night before going to sleep.

6. They Feel Safer

Kids are known for their wild imaginations, but those can sometimes backfire on them. They may enjoy creating new worlds with their toys during the day, but shadows along the walls at night can easily turn into something scary. With their siblings in their room, they'll feel safer if they're uncomfortable in the dark and get more rest. 

7. You Get More Sleep

The most common reason kids wake their parents up in the middle of the night is because they're scared or lonely. Sharing a room with their sibling solves both of those problems, so you'll get more sleep while they do too. They may be a little loud at first and need a reminder to go to sleep, but they'll eventually stop looking at the situation like a sleepover.

It's a Learning Experience

Changes in life encourage personal growth, which is exactly what will happen when your kids start sharing a room. It's part of growing up and learning to live together. They'll develop important routines, skills, and habits after they get used to the new arrangement, while you enjoy the additional space in your home and more sleep every night.

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