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Wed, 09/23/2020 - 12:47pm
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Crafts for Kiddos

7 End of Summer Activities for Quarantine

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many summer plans have been ruined. While being cooped up indoors has taken its toll on the best of us, the frustration that comes with staying at home all the time has hit our tiny tots the hardest.

Chances are, your children probably envisioned themselves spending their time at a summer camp eating ice cream with friends and embarking on extravagant scavenger hunts. 

Unfortunately, quarantine has thwarted all their plans, which has left you to deal with an extra-grumpy, super-whiny child who is perpetually bored at home. 

The great news is there are plenty of fun-filled activities you and your child can indulge in to get your kids’ creative juices flowing. Whether you choose to customize kids’ plain t-shirts with your little one in the backyard or go for some DIY projects for fall festivals, we suggest you get unabashedly crafty with whatever you plan.

If you are looking for some inspiration to find some fun ways to keep your kids engaged during quarantine, we highly recommend you keep scrolling! We have put together a list of simple yet exciting and unique activities for your little ones who are bubbling with energy. These ideas will help keep their mind engaged, happy, and razor-sharp!

DIY Creative Bookmarks

Making handmade bookmarks is a fun and inexpensive way to keep your children occupied. This is the least messy activity in the DIY world and can be enjoyed by kids of all age groups. There are plenty of ways in which your kids can make these. The bookmarks can be made out of paper, cardboard, ribbons, or even popsicle sticks. Let your kids get creative with this one. They can choose to decorate the bookmark using watercolor, glitter, beads, or even pencil-shaving flowers.

In fact, DIY bookmarks are a great way to encourage children to read. Introducing them to the magical world of books using this strategy can help them develop an interest in reading organically.

Tissue Box Monster

All your young one needs to make this super-easy craft is an empty tissue box, a pair of googly eyes, glue, black marker, a piece of cardboard or paper, and some paint (acrylic works best here). 

For the tissue box, we highly recommend using one with a round opening. Using the acrylic colors, paint the outside and the inside of the box using two different colors to make your monster stand out. Once the paint is dry, use your black marker to outline the “mouth” and make it pop. Cut your paper/cardboard into two to four little triangles and glue them to the monster’s mouth. Glue a pair of googly eyes on your monster and Voilà! Your child’s very own monster is ready to attack the town.

Jumbo Bubbles Solution

This solution takes less than five minutes to whip up and can keep your child entertained for hours. The solution is especially kid-friendly because it uses relatively safe products easily available in your pantry. All you need is any dishwashing detergent, baking powder (not soda, never soda!), glycerin, water, and cornstarch. You will also need a bubble wand, which you can easily find online. If your kid is feeling extra crafty, you can help them make one at home, too.

Start by adding water into a container of your choice, followed by adding the cornstarch and stirring it until it’s completely dissolved. Throw in the rest of your ingredients and mix well. 

The bubble solution is ready to use, and we are sure your kids will love playing with the gigantic bubbles!

Kids’ Tie-Dye Shirt

This activity should definitely be on your to-do list this summer. You’ll just need kids’ plain t-shirts, a tie-dye kit, rubber bands, gloves, and a plastic bag.

Simply squirt the dye on damp t-shirts that have been secured tightly with the rubber bands and then place them in a plastic bag. Rinse with cold water and your kids’ tie-dye shirts are ready to wear.

Ziploc Ice Cream

This quick recipe is no less than a science project for your budding genius. All you need is milk, sugar, ice, vanilla extract, rock salt, Ziploc bags, and 15 minutes. Help your kid throw the milk, sugar, and vanilla extract into a small Ziploc bag and seal it. In a larger Ziploc bag, mix the rock salt and ice. Place the smaller bag into the larger one.

The next step is going to thoroughly entertain your child. Get them to shake the bag with all their strength for at least 10 minutes.

Within just a few minutes, you will have some very delicious ice cream and a very happy child!

Crafts for Empowerment 

In today’s world, fostering a sense of social awareness in your children at a young age is of utmost importance. Teaching your kids about various cultures and communities can help in the long run. Making your kids socially aware does not have to be boring, though. You can turn it into a fun craft, like making DIY bracelets using fancy rhinestones, beads, or even old buttons.

You can then help your child donate them to organizations that help raise awareness about the various tribes and communities that earn a living by doing this. They can also raise funds by selling their little DIY projects online and donating the money to charity. This is a great way to introduce a little financial awareness in your kids’ lives as well. Learn more about gender and the crafts of empowerment.

DIY Fairy Jars

This one will literally make your kids feel like they are practicing magic. All you need is a Mason jar, a bunch of glow sticks, and tons of glitter. Cut open the bottom of a glow stick (we suggest you do this step) and pour the fluid into the jar. Swirl it around and add glitter (the more, the merrier). Put the lid on and tell your kids to give it a good shake.

Turn off the lights and enjoy the magic!


Whether it’s tie-dyeing tees or making fairy jars, there are all sorts of projects your child can enjoy at home. Try one of these crafts with your kiddos today! 

  • Crafts for Kiddos

  • Crafts for Kiddos

  • Crafts for Kiddos

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