fbpx Camp Cooking Can Help Kids Build Human Bonds

Camp Cooking Can Help Kids Build Human Bonds

Sun, 03/01/2020 - 7:40pm
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How Cooking Can Help Kids Build Human Bonds

Our connection to our kids simply means everything.

Having a great connection with our kids makes the difference between an obedient child and a problem causing one; an insecure child and a confident one. Building a strong attachment early as well as keeping the ongoing connection helps our kids have great success in several areas of their lives.

We have heard a number of things about attachments both bad and good; however, the significance of creating or building a strong bond with our child is crucial. Just because your kid has grown to become a lot smellier, sassier, and bigger doesn’t mean your connection and bond with him\her is any less important to his\her development.

If you feel like you have to force family bonding time, taking your children camping is one of the best ways to spend time with them and create memories, which will last a lifetime. With fewer distractions and much do to like hiking or making meals – they will not even realize they are bonding with you.

How does cooking with your children make them feel?

Research has proved that involving kids in meal preparation usually helps foster togetherness and family bonding, and even minimizes behavior problems. Even though it is less convenient and time-consuming, the positive effects are worth it.

Kids are such a crucial part of your family and so they require to know that they are a vital contributor to the family. Being able to at least help dad and mom helps them to feel significant, valued, and important.

Ways of having your kids help you cook while camping

  1. Play with them

    Choose to be playful with them, laugh and talk as you prepare the meal together. Simply put, have fun cooking with kids.

  2. Patience

    Without a doubt, kids can be demanding or messy as they assist in the camp kitchen. Have patience and allow lunch or dinner time to take much longer - cooking is a helpful skill. Show your child how to measure ingredients and let him or her measure. Having patience will make our kids learning to cook extremely fun and much easier.

  3. Preparation

    Kids really love to assist! Sometimes you can easily get overwhelmed, especially if you have more than one kid and they all want to help you bake or cook at the same time. A great way to curb this whilst camping, at home, or any other outdoor activity, is to give each child a different task whilst preparing and cooking depending on age. Also, you can assign each kid a set day depending on the length of your camping trip.

  4. Persistence

    At first, it may take you a little longer to prepare and cook as things may not always go smoothly. So, you have to be persistent and keep in mind that what you’re doing for or with your kids is a great thing. Do not give up - soon they’ll be a huge help not only in the camp kitchen but also, at home.

  5. Plan

    If you want to have fun cooking with kids, then invite them to aid you to plan meals as you’re preparing for the camp trip. They will learn how to plan a good menu and also give them a feeling of ownership for the quality time, which they will be assisting you.

Have easy-to-use and safe tools

Apart from having camper trailer kitchens and a meal plan, you also need easy-to-use tools, which caters to child-friendly cooking. These tools will make the kids feel independent and you reduce your worries. Here are some basic but helpful guidelines to help you with this:

  • Use long tools

    A long set of roasting sticks or a pair of tongs allows the kids to cook around the campfire from a safe distance.

  • Use rubber and plastic

    Think of hard plastic bowls, spatula, and stirring spoons. Even if then children are running with the spatulas, there is less risk of injury.

  • Bring harmless and unique tools

    An egg slicer, hand juicer, and a garlic press are helpful tools that will allow easy cooking for kids. The tools are also super helpful around the kitchen.


Things do take a little longer with little ones or even when you’re first teaching the kids how to cook, but the quality time spent and the training is worth the effort, time and the closeness, which cooking while camping normally brings.

When you plan your trip well, campsite cooking will be more fun and less stressful.

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