fbpx 8 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids in the Garden Year After Year

8 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids in the Garden Year After Year

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 8:00am
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Kids are constantly being bombarded with entertainment these days. If they aren't on the computer at school, then they're watching TV commercials for the newest toys or seeing what their friends get.

Keeping your kids entertained can feel like you're up against the world, but when you have a backyard, it doesn't have to be difficult.

The truth is that kids just love having fun. You can make your garden their source of fun year after year by catching their interest early and making it a fun place to be.

Check out these eight easy ways you can get your kids in the garden year after year. Soon, they'll love being in the garden almost as much as you do.

1. Give Them a Planter

The first thing that may make kids feel like they're not welcome in your garden is that they see it as your space. They need to know that there's something in there of their own that they're welcome to have.

A great first step to introduce your kids to the garden is to buy them their own planter. Take them to your local plant shop and let them pick out their own pot or planter. They can even write their name on it if they want to personalize it.

Afterwards, they'll know that whatever goes in the planter is theirs. It'll give them a reason to head out to the garden with you every day.

2. Start a Plant Experiment

Another dependable fact about kids is that they're curious. They want to know why things work the way they work and how things happen. 

The garden is a great place to explore your kids' curiosity. Decide what you want to grow with them and then start a plant experiment

You can measure how quickly plants grow with different amounts of watering or sunlight. Another experiment idea would be to see which plants grow best in your garden, and give them three types of seeds to take care of.

They'll be fascinated by what they learn and love bonding with you over a cool experiment. Bonus points if they get to dress up in tiny lab coats!

3. Create a Competition

Another way to make plants more interesting to kids is to create a competition. Make a chart that they can draw on to keep track of the growth of their plants for the next month.

Give them stickers whenever they water or care for the plant on time and then at the end of the month, whoever grows the biggest plant wins. Possible prizes might be first and second place candy or different sized ice cream cones.

4. Teach Them About Plants

Sometimes all kids need to get interested in something is to learn about it. Start teaching your kids why you garden and how plants work.

Helping kids learn about plants is how different cultures like the Amish get kids involved with gardening. It's an especially activity for kids if they know why they're doing things and what the goal is.

Switch things up by having them grow flowers one month and vegetables the next. They may even love something as simple as planting seeds from an apple they eat and watching a tiny tree sprout from the ground.

5. Show Off Their Plants

Once a kid has tried their best at something, they want to know they did a good job. An easy way to do this with gardening is to show off what they grow. 

Gardening can take a bit to reach the point where plants are fully grown. Kids will love showing off their plant when they finally reach that point.

A good example of this would be to cut flowers that they grow and use them as the centerpiece for your kitchen table. You can also re-pot the plants and move them from the garden to your front porch for the world to see after they've grown a bit.

6. Plant a Themed Garden

Kids can be very matter of fact about what they're doing. If they just grow flowers, they may wonder what they're actually getting out of their hard work.

That's why you should plant a themed garden. Something as simple as growing a pizza garden will paint a picture in their mind of the goal. They'll get to eat a delicious pizza once the plants have all grown.

Proving a garden goal may be all your kids need to step into the garden with you and fall in love with it too.

7. Help Them Decorate

Why not use some arts and crafts to make the garden a more fun place to be? Think about how your kids can decorate your garden, or read about garden ornament crafts to get inspired.

Your kids can sit down on a Saturday afternoon and make all the garden ornaments they want to hang around the backyard. They may also love painting clay pots they'll use to grow their own plants. 

Decorating really personalizes a space and claims it as your own, which is why decorating your garden is a great step in introducing your kids to the world of gardening. 

8. Buy Cute Supplies

Imagine when your parents or family members tried to get you interested in a hobby they loved. You probably got a mini fishing pole in your favorite color, a tiny kitchen play-set or a tiny, battery operated car to drive around the yard.

Try getting your kids cute gardening supplies that they pick out themselves. Take them to a gardening store and let them pick out their favorite hand shovels, pots and even gardening gloves.

The important part is to get a mini version of whatever you use in the garden. They'll feel like they're part of a team, which will make the experience much more fun.

Change Things Up

The hard part about getting kids interested in gardening is that it takes time. That's why you have to switch things up to show them how much there is to do in a garden.

Help them grow different kinds of plants and learn how they grow. Decorate the garden with new crafts every so often and splurge on new supplies. Your kids will quickly feel the love you have for your garden and feel the same way too.

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