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5 Fun Family Games

Tue, 10/22/2019 - 9:06am
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Christmastime is about to arrive, and with it comes the freezing cold weather that prevents any outdoor activities. Not being able to burn off their excess energy, the kids will be going stir crazy, and let’s be honest, you’re probably feeling a bit claustrophobic too. In such dire times, the only thing that can help you is a fun indoor game that can entertain the entire family. 

There’s another advantage of engaging with your children in a game - as a parent, you always want to connect with your child. There is no greater feeling than connecting with your children on an emotional level. So, take a day off and get into a little competition with your little ones. Whether you win or lose, you will make some precious memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

1. Listening Game

Educational games are a dream for every parent of a young child, but often, these dreams remain unfulfilled. Well, we finally have a solution for you. If you have small children that are giving you a headache, and you want to engage them in an activity that is not completely mindless - check out the Listening Game. This unique game is both fun and educational.

This is how it goes - collect some household items like comb, glass, pens, toys, remotes, etc. Ask the players to look at them and memorize them within some given time. After this, blindfold the participant and turn them around. Make noise with each item, and if the participant guesses it correctly, they score a point. To make it even more fun, there can be multiple rounds and the entire family can play in teams against each other. 

2. Darts

Everyone loves getting a game of darts as a gift. It is inexpensive, and it can be played alone or with the entire family. The game is quite simple, each participant throws a dart on the board and the player with maximum points wins the game. There are no complex rules, the game is self-explanatory. The whole family can get involved in it and the score changes with every throw. The unpredictable nature of this game, and the fact that anyone can win, anytime is what makes it the best. 

Moreover, darts will really bring the best out of your children. It will teach them how to be competitive and ambitious. You can declare an additional rule - the winner gets bragging rights on their siblings. This will keep bringing them back every day. Additionally, regularly playing this game will also improve everyone’s hand to eye coordination. 

3. Indoor bowling

Too hot to go outside? Or is it pouring? Roads covered with snow? No worries, indoor bowling will keep your entire family occupied for hours. 

The game is exactly what you think it is, but it can be played at home. Find ten soda cans or plastic bottles in your house and paint them with a spray. Now, make the bowling lane with the help of some tape. The length of this lane will depend on the age of the participants. You can use a plastic ball or a tennis ball to knock the cans down. 

You won’t believe how easy it is to engage all the members of the family in this game – whether old or young. Everyone loves knocking things over!

4. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek will never go out of fashion. It will outlive you, your kids and their kids. There is a certain charm about this game that keeps bringing adults as well as children back to it generation after generation.

Maybe it is the fact that you are the master of your own destiny, you get caught, it’s your turn and if you don’t get caught, you make a fool out of your friends and siblings. You’ll soon notice that your children love playing hide and seek with you. It can be played indoors or out on the porch. Just establish some ground rules about safety and you are good to go.

Pro Tip - Let your child win, it will be the best thing that happens to them all day. 

5. Sock Basketball

Yup, it is exactly what the name suggests - it is basketball, but inside the house. This game also comes with the assurance that you won’t break everything that comes in your way. Use socks to make a basketball and a bucket for the basket. Simple, right? 

So, here’s what you have to do - find some old, colorful socks and roll them into tiny balls. Place a basket a few feet away and start the game. Try to throw the socks into the basket/bin and take a step back each time you score. You can try different angles and distances as the game progresses. If your kids are older, use bins with a small opening. 

Just make sure you ask for mom’s permission before throwing socks into a bin!

Closing Thoughts

Sure, having to stay at home can be maddening for kids as well as adults. But it’s a great opportunity to involve yourself in your kids’ life. It can make a world of difference for them. When the entire family spends time together doing something fun and silly, everyone feels more comfortable to share their feelings with each other.

Indoor games offer you a unique opportunity to do the same. So, go ahead and play these games with your family. Who knows, you may even get to relive your own childhood through your kids!

Brent Meadows is a Sports Enthusiast. He expresses his passion in his writings. Having worked with numerous coaches he helps people to make their game better.