fbpx 10 Simple Messages Parents Can Teach Their Children

10 Simple Messages Parents Can Teach Their Children

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 1:20pm
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A few things will make one happy, while others will make one successful. Yet, one needs to choose wisely. As children grow up, a few messages delivered by parents, starting at birth, may allow the kid to lead a fulfilled life with no regrets.

1. Hard work always pays

A few things may come easily to the kid, other things will be harder to achieve. However, in the world ruled by meritocracy, hard work is always well compensated. Keeping in mind that the outcome of the effort may not be the one expected, by working hard one can find alternative ways to reach his/her goals.

2. Focus on the doing, not the outcome

In societies such as the Western ones, outcomes often involve more than just one person. Competition, administration, bureaucracy and many other dynamics involve many players in one´s success. Thus, by focusing on the doing and not the outcome, one will live with no regrets and will be able to learn and accept better failures.  

3. Education is the remedy to all issues

There is no surprise that our societies around the globe highly value education. Education does not have to be formal schooling. Any occasion to learn something new is education. “Beyond the material goods that education can bring through career success, one will also learn to move beyond difficulties because education aims at always pushing basic knowledge further; it also brings the ability to think around an issue and eventually overcome it,” notes Gill Payton, Education Program Specialist at APA Writing Service.

4. There is more than one truth

Truth depends on the perception of events. Perceptions are the result of our values, upbringing, feelings, and past experiences. Because all those characteristics are different from one person to the others, perception is individual. Thus, truth is as numerous as individuals involved in an event.

5. Do not be ashamed of failures

Societies around the world condemn failures. Yet, economic development, scientific knowledge and much more rely on trials and errors. Hence, without failures, one cannot progress. Not only was Babe Ruth the “King of Homeruns”, but he was also the “King of Strikeouts.” Failures are the most effective tools to learn and one should not be ashamed of an unwanted outcome.

10 Simple Messages Parents Can Teach Their Children

6. Trust yourself

Many people, when faced with a greater challenge that they are used to, get discouraged. However, by trusting him/herself, one will believe in his/her ability to overcome the issue and will most likely succeed in doing so. Thus, through self-confidence one will keep pushing his/her limit and succeed in both personal and professional life.

7. Being honest will ease one´s life

How many times has one adult experienced the snowball effect of lies? Even the smallest lie may engender many others. The easiest escape out of this vicious cycle is honesty. The truth will save one´s time, will remove the stress of the lie and will be valued by society.

8. Have an opinion, be assertive but not arrogant

Opinions are forged by one´s personality. Therefore, because everyone is unique, everyone will have an opinion. Democracies are built on opinions and group activities are more successful because the members share their ideas. Hence, to further grow one should voice his/her opinion. However, nobody likes arrogance. Thus, one should always speak his/her mind while considering everyone else´s opinion simultaneously.  

9. Be yourself, do not pretend to be someone else

“Media publish about celebrities with a perfect body and great success. Schools or workplaces have their popular persons,” says Melissa Wright, Career and Technical Education Specialist at ConfidentWriters. No matter what, there will always be one person admired for certain reasons. Yet, everyone is different and cannot be adored for the same reasons as someone else. By being him/herself, one will find abilities or characteristics that are unique and thus should be proud of who she/he is.

10. Traveling will expand one´s mind

By discovering the world, learning new languages and getting out of his/her comfort zone, one will open new thinking horizons. Travelers will see more than one reality and therefore will be able to think outside of the box, become creative and adaptable. Those elements are key success factors around the world.

All in all, society´s dynamics all around the world are getting more interrelated. Therefore, navigating more easily in this complex world, kids with those simple and relevant messages from their parents will lead a successful and happy life.

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