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The Most Important Stages of Child Development

Tue, 04/28/2020 - 5:29am
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The Most Important Stages of Child Development

As parents, we all want our children to become happy and successful adults and there are implications to the most important stages of child development to help your youngster reach their potential in child development programs.  As your child grows up, you may find yourself trying to understand their behaviors and learn what is vital to healthy child development. Here, we are going examine the critical years to support your child’s development.

There are different changes that will occur as the child grows. These changes are both physical and also emotional. It is important for parents to understand the different stages of development and the changes that will occur in those stages. This is because you as a parent should understand how to feed the child and also not to panic when you see some developments. Even better, the parents will learn what to expect throughout the child`s development, so as to seek medical attention in case some abnormalities occur. Here are some of the child’s development stages

Infant 0-2 Years

These first two years of life are usually the time when the parent and the child develop the bond in real life. Both parents should be present to receive the infant and create a lasting bond during this time. It is very important for the mother to make sure she provides for the infant’s unique needs as this is a critical period for any child. Therefore, breastfeeding should be done if appropriate since the mother’s milk is the primary source of nourishment for the kid. Secondly, you should make sure that the child`s health is taken care of and the kid receives all the immunizations as scheduled.


From the age of two years to five years, the child is already talking and can communicate with the parents. She can recognize the father and the mother. However, for some children, they will start talking at the age of 30 months. There are several changes in the child’s body including faster movements and the voice changes from infant to toddler’s voice. It is important for the parents to continue reading about the current topics in child development because several things are shared in those forums that are important to the child’s development.  At this stage the child’s development stage, the major challenge is developing the child’s emotional regulation. However, it is advisable for the parents to use the bond created during infancy to help the toddlers modulate their emotions.

School-Age Children 6-12 Years

Raising children at this stage of development can be awesome as the child starts to learn and try new activities. This is the child development stage when children will start developing their talents, and so parents should be keen to nurture the child’s abilities at this stage. It is a critical child’s development stage, and it is important to pay attention. The moral conduct is best developed at this stage and as the child grows, correct them when wrong and award them when right.

Adolescents (13-18)

During this child development stage, the parents ought to be very careful since the teenagers have started discovering different things and exposure to the world will make them learn both good and bad. You should be keen to learn what the teenager is doing since most of them will start spending more time alone which can be dangerous.

During all child development stages, it is important to be close to your child. Don’t delegate parenting to house helps.

Understanding Child Development

 In the early stages of child development, your little one may be fascinated with their hands and feet. As they grow, they will begin manipulating things and investigating their surroundings.  Suddenly, the age of independence appears, and your child’s personality begins blooming. At every stage, your child needs love and understanding. The first five years of child development are especially crucial for their physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development, making these years the most important stages of child development. An important factor in selecting a child development program in this stage of a child’s life will depend on the personality and abilities that your youngster has.

The influence of Personality on Child Development

The experiences children have during the first five years of their lives will shape the adults they become. More than anything else, your child’s relationships will impact her development and learning. A child development program should inspire good behavior, thinking, emotions, and communication skills. These factors are connected and influence each other. During the first five years, your child’s brain is growing faster than any other stage of life. Because of this, the experiences stimulate cognition and influence personality traits, habits, and lifelong values.  One can see then, that the infant to five years old, is the most important stage of child development to establish the foundation of your child’s learning, behavior, and health and wellness.

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