fbpx 5 Fun Activities for Kids at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

5 Fun Activities for Kids at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

Mon, 06/22/2020 - 7:44pm
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5 Fun Activities for Kids at Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

When the coronavirus pandemic began, hardly anyone expected to stay at home and change their entire lives. You may have transitioned from working at an office to taking care of your kids full time because schools had to shut down along with everything else.

Having fun with your kids during a typical week is easy to plan. Everyone could go to the zoo or a local festival. Now they have to pass the time at home, which is much more challenging to do when they've watched all their shows and completed their homeschool work. 

If your kids complain about being bored, try these five fun activities. They'll give you all something new to try so everyone makes a few great memories while staying safe and healthy. 

  1. Start a Treasure Hunt

    Kids love indulging in their curious nature, especially if they get to try something new. Young children might like joining in on a treasure hunt.

    Think about what they could find as treasure around your home and set up clues that require them to use problem-solving skills. The prize could be pizza for dinner or an extra 30 minutes of TV, depending on what they'd enjoy. 

  2. Enjoy an Indoor Picnic

    Why wait to have fun in the park when you can enjoy a classic outdoor activity at home? Host an indoor picnic and make some traditional foods like sandwiches, fruit and cookies. Invite everyone to the living room and eat lunch on a blanket. Your kids can even bring their favorite stuffed animals to join them and make the picnic a party.

  3. Travel With Virtual Field Trips

    Your children might have missed out on field trips, but you can still encourage them to learn about a new place from home. Pick a few virtual field trips they might enjoy based on their ages. They can complete learning activities to reflect on their lessons and talk about what they discovered afterward.

  4. Teach Them Latch Hook

    Sometimes kids need a break from learning, which is where crafts come in handy. After you've gone through a pack of markers and run out of coloring books, teach your kids latch hook so they can develop hand-eye coordination while having fun. After they finish a project, let them hang it in a place of honor in your home to show off their hard work and creativity. 

  5. Make Homemade Playdough

    In just a few minutes, you could whip up homemade playdough on the stove with ingredients most likely already in your pantry. As long as you have some food coloring, your kids can create figurines with playdough at the kitchen table without the additives and chemicals in store-bought alternatives. If your kids love what they make, dry their creations and put the sculptures on a shelf in a place of pride.

Consider Their Personalities

Kids all have unique personalities, so keep them in mind as you browse activity ideas. Your children may enjoy something artsy like latch hook or food-focused like an indoor picnic. Set them up with a new activity every day to make quarantine more fun for everyone. 

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