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Games To Play While Teaching Kayaking

Thu, 08/09/2018 - 11:42am
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Before heading into the water, it is very important that you know the basic skills of kayaking. Some simple games can be very helpful for the beginners as they can teach them some basic techniques along with fun and enjoyment. But before you start any such game make sure that each one of them has a proper floatation device with them and that each one of them has knowledge of basic water rules.

Here are the few games to play while teaching kayaking. Have a look at them below:

Forward And Back Paddle

Choose one single point that is visible to everyone on the water and ask the students to race towards that point with the help of either back paddle or forward paddling. The one who reaches first or the person who maintained a straight most direction will be the winner.  


You need to release some beach balls on the water and ask the kayakers to beat the ball with the help of bracing stroke during paddling. The winner will be one who hits maximum balls. With a double fishing kayak, the bracing becomes very smooth and easy to learn for the beginners.

Edging And Sweep Stroke

During this game, you need to ask the learners to make a circle. Then, ask them to do sweep-stroke on the side of the boat that is matching the outside portion of the circle formed. This has to be done continuously until the person is not able to generate a proper momentum to get a proper whirlpool effect in water.

You can also ask them to spin again and again to make an eight-figure with the help of sweep strokes on one side of the boat and then the same thing with the other side of the boat. If the sweep strokes are correct, an accurate figure-eight pattern will be generated.

Bulldogs Charge

This is one of the best ways for a group to see how much progress they have made. In this game, one person is made a bulldog, and he will sit in the middle of the water. The remaining people's task is to charge against the bulldog and try to go to one safe area without being caught. The people being caught are the bulldogs in the next round, and this goes on until all people are caught.

Balloon Popping

It is a very interesting game in which a balloon has to be tied up around the stern handle of every boat. The person whose balloon is unburst till the end of kayaking is the winner.

Peg Pirates

In this game, every kayaker will have a peg of clothes attached to the kayak stem. Each kayaker aims to collect pegs from the boat of others until all the pegs are being nabbed. The person with the maximum pegs will win the game.

Tug Of War

Tug of war can be the best way to teach kayaking strokes. In this game, all kayaks are linked at the stern to do forward and reverse paddling. A proper starting distance is there and an imaginary line that needs to be crossed. Here the task of the instructor is to see that proper forward and reverse strokes are working or not.

These are some of the best games that can be played while teaching kayaking. These games will bring fun to the learning as well as the understanding will become more clear.

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