fbpx Innovative Outdoor Sports Activities for Children for 2019

Innovative Outdoor Sports Activities for Children for 2019

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 1:57pm
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Both indoor and outdoor activities are an integral part of everyone's childhood. You probably remember how much fun you had playing tag, foursquare, or find your friend. Those were good old times!

Nowadays, children are stuck in mobile devices and video games. That's a pity because the kids are the most active members of society whose energy should be directed in the right way. One such way is definitely outdoor sports activities that can not only engage a child but develop his or her mental and physical health.

Therefore, scroll down to discover the most innovative outdoor sports activities that will help your child create great memories, like the ones that you have.

1. Kick the can

This activity is a fun variation of traditional hide-and-seek game. It will bring a new dynamic for children who love to play it, but who want to experience something new. Besides, this entertaining game will help the children develop motor skills and a sense of team spirit.

Put a can in an open area that will serve as a base. One child counts and seeks the other kids who hide. When the seeker spots another player, he or she has to say their name. Then, both players try to reach the can first.

If the seeker reaches the can first, the child who hides gets captured and moved to the jail in a previously selected place. If the hider reaches the can first, then every captured player together are let go, and the seeker returns to search again.

2. Recycled bottle bowling

Yes, you read it well. It's possible to turn the court or backyard into a bowling alley for children. All you need is a little bit of creativity, plastic bottles, and a ball.

First, let the kids paint their own bowling pins. They'll enjoy it, and at the same time, they'll develop their creative and artistic skills. Plus, they'll be proud of their masterpiece once they finish.

Then, it's time to play and have fun. Whoever knocks down the most pins with a ball, wins. Bowling will help the kids develop self-confidence and patience, as well as balance and coordination.

3. Freeze dance

This is an entertaining outdoor activity that only requires music. As you know, music has many benefits for children, like the enhancement of physical development, development of communication and cognitive skills.

One person plays the music. Once a song begins, every player dances. In that way, kids will relax and goof around. When the song ends, the players must stop to move immediately. The players who are still dancing are eliminated. The winner is the last dancer who successfully completed each round.

4. Beanbag ladder toss

All the children will adore this outdoor activity, and they'll keep asking to play it again. It's easy to set up this game: you'll need a ladder, papers with points, and a bean bag.

Label every rung with points from five to fifty. Throw bean bags between the rungs and try to score as many points as you can. It's possible to play solo or in teams.

Beanbag ladder toss is a fun game that will help kids develop better coordination and motor skills. Besides, in this way, they'll improve awareness of their body and space.

5. Outdoor Twister

Why not bring the great indoor game to the outside? It's possible to play Twister in the yard; you just need a spray paint or colored paper circles.

Simply spray-paint the circles directly onto the grass, or put colored paper circles and make the Twister as broad as you want. One person can give directions where to put hands and feet. This will be an excellent physical and stretching activity that will have beneficial effects on children health. The winner is the last child standing.

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These outdoor sports activities will make sure your children have a happy and fulfilled childhood. At the same time, they will have a positive impact on the development of their skills, traits, and improving their health. Games represent a simulation of real life, so they will also prepare them for adult life, therefore let the games begin!

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