fbpx 2020 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo(AAA 2020)

2020 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo(AAA 2020)

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 10:57am
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May 9, 2021 to May 11, 2021
2019 AAA Expo

AAA 2019 Retrospection

Another Record-Breaking Edition for AAA!

Spanning over 12,0000 sq.m in 12 exhibition halls, AAA 2019, as one of the largest and most comprehensive games, amusement, and attractions trade shows in the world, saw the biggest success in its 15 years. Coming from 11 countries and regions, our overseas exhibitors grew by 35%, breaking all records set in previous editions!

VR & AR Products Made up a Significant Part of Exhibits

Together with China Guangzhou International Leisure & Recreation Expo 2019 under one roof, the extensiveness of our exhibit scope was beyond imagination, including amusement equipment, arcade machines, children’s indoor playgrounds, VR and AR technology, water park equipment, theme park design and construction, multi-dimensional theaters, PC, video and mobile games, billiards products, acoustic equipment, cinema and theater facilities, vending machines, etc.

Former name: CIAE(China Guangzhou Int'l Game & Amusement Exhibition) & TPAE (China Guangzhou Int’l Theme Parks & Attractions Industry Exhibition)

Contact info:

Address: Room 401, No. 4, the Third Street of Kehui, Kexue Avenue, Science City, Luogang District, Guangzhou, China 

Person: Denise Lin

mail: [email protected]

Mobile: +86 13570335827

Website: www.aaaexpos.com

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