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3 Activities to Help Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

Tue, 03/17/2020 - 8:54am
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Ah, the summer is almost here. A time of relaxation, warm weather, and ridding yourself of the stresses of the school year. This is all fine and good, until you realize you're a few weeks the summer and the kids haven't moved off the couch and away from the video game console. Keeping your kids active during the summer can be difficult in an age of endless screen-based entertainment. Without the structure of a school day, kids often have no limit as to how much sitting around they can fit in a day. These activities will help keep your kids up, moving and active this summer.

Install a Pool

Nothing beats cooling off on a hot summer day like going for a swim in a pool. And if you've been to a public pool lately, you probably have a pretty good idea of just how active most kids are when they are in the pool. It's never too early to start looking for the best inground pool prices you can find for installing a pool. When you reach the dog days of summer and your kids can't get enough of swimming in the pool, you'll thank yourself for putting one in. One great aspect about installing an inground pool with kids is the convenience of having the pool in your backyard. You can keep an eye on your kids at all times and not worry about them in a sea of people at the town public pool. Additionally, the pool makes a great backdrop for any outdoor summer gatherings you may have in mind. Installing an inground pool will open up a world of outdoor summer activities for both you and your kids.  

Have Them Attend Summer Camp

An American tradition, sending kids to summer camp has been the default way to keep them active and occupied for decades. At camp, you can count on your kids logging plenty of steps, swimming, hiking, and doing a number of various outdoor activities. An additional benefit of a summer camp is that it puts kids in a social environment with others that video games and other sedentary indoor activities cannot match. Although some summer camps may run on the expensive side, being able to have all of the activities for your kids planned out throughout the day will take the stress off your need for them to stay active. Also, you can rest assured that they are being supervised while you continue your normal routine of going to work or running errands. You may not get to spend much time with your kids while they are at camp, but you will have the safety of knowing that they are staying active.

Sign Them Up For a Sports Team

There are a number of youth sports teams available for your kids to join in all sports and almost all seasons now, and summer is chief among them. Signing your kids up for a sports team ensures that they will stay active in accordance with that team's schedule. Similar to camp, a sports team will provide a social climate where your kids can interact with others. It's also a proven environment through which your kids can learn valuable life lessons, such as the importance of teamwork or how to deal with a defeat. Also, you'll probably be able to watch their games or competitions when you have the chance, so you'll be able to spend more time with them than you would if they were sent off to camp. 

It's no secret that the summer, although providing a respite from the hectic school year, can lack sources of activity for your kids. And when streaming services and video games command the entertainment industry, there is now more need than ever for parents to make concerted efforts to keep their kids outdoors and active during the summer months. Installing a pool, having your kids attend summer camp and signing them up for a sports team are all ways to keep activity at the front of their daily routines over the summer.

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