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The Ultimate Ride

Sat, 10/01/2005 - 7:00pm
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With Sk8Parks International Modulars

What does it take to have the ultimate ride without breaking the bank? Sk8Parks International may have what you’re looking for. With their modular, you are able to either choose a pre-designed skate park or get outside the box and design your own to fit your budget as well as your space.

Can’t envision this? This is one company that can help out with that too. Layouts in 2D form are a possibility to help give you an idea of what you can do. It doesn’t have to stop there though; if it’s a 3D rendering you want to help you decide, that is a possibility too. Imagine how nice it could be to sit down and discuss your options and have it laid out not only in 2 or 3D form but also have a CD showing an animated view. If you need individual specification sheets for each obstacle you are considering, that’s something that can be done as well.

If you’re not sure how to position the obstacles you want in your skate park, Sk8Parks International is well versed in design, proper distance between obstacles and where everything could work the best for you. The design team can take you through all the necessary steps to ensure you are designing the park that suits your needs and wants. This equipment is designed for all abilities of skateboarders and for in-line skaters and BMX bikers too.

There are some things, such as signage, that need to be a part of your park as well for liability issues and to increase safety awareness. Sk8Parks International can help you out with that as they have in-house capabilities to create custom signs for your park to take the guesswork out of skatepark rules. You might even want to consider a recognition sign for any sponsors or groups involved in facilitating your skatepark.

The obstacles available at Sk8Parks International are made of 100 percent heavy duty steel. You won’t find bolts or screws in the surface either. These structures are an option that won’t expand or contract with weather changes. Decks are made of 3/16-inch thick steel for maximum durability and are painted with V.O.C.-compliant high gloss, heavy duty industrial enamel. The smoothest ride in town because of a proprietary formula, plus they are easy to install and are low maintenance.

Why do you even need a skatepark? A designated area for skateboarding is the safest way a child can participate in the sport. It’s illegal in most cities to grind on the rails of the steps of city hall or even in the business districts, so where do children end up skateboarding? In the street and at risk of course! Why not get them their own place to participate safely away from traffic and keep the sport from being seen as a menace. It’s good exercise and can be a self-esteem building sport when children are able to practice tricks and improve at their own rate of progress. If money is the only thing stopping you, remember that it just takes someone to get the ball rolling and some persistence. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

­­For more information on these easy riding products, log on to www.sk8parks.com or call 877-891-1283.

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