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SkatePark + Today's Playground = New Look

Tue, 06/01/2004 - 1:00am
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It’s kind of like having fireworks on the fourth of July. No, you don’t have to put the two together, but it just seems right. Peanut butter and jelly, circus and clowns, Michael Jackson and trouble, some things just seem to go together.   

Another example would be the skatepark and playground industries. For years, we’ve been treating them as separate markets. But when you think about it, shouldn’t they really be together? After all, many of the manufacturers that are involved in the playground side of the business are also connected to the skatepark market as well. 

So after a long deliberation, we’ve decided to combine our SkatePark magazine with Today’s Playground. Our intention is to address both with one publication, versus splitting hairs within the same industry. The skatepark market has treated us well, but in order for us to truly develop this segment, we feel this change is necessary. Of course, we’ll still be involved with our skatepark shows, including Launch!, but SkatePark magazine will now be a part of Today’s Playground.

Hopefully, as you’re reading this, you don’t feel as lost as one sock. Those who have become accustomed to the pages of this magazine have nothing to worry about. Features, columns, people profiles, playground news, etc. will still be found in Today’s Playground. The only change that you’ll notice is some added attention to the skatepark industry as well. We’ll now have skatepark features to compliment the playground reviews. Simply put, your issue will now be packed with a variety of articles that will hopefully blanket the needs for those in this industry. Our goal is for this new and improved look of Today’s Playground to be as unbeatable as a photo speeding ticket.

Our goal is for this new and improved look of Today's Playground to be as unbeatable as a photo speeding ticket

There will be some downsides of course, too. Those who are only involved in the skatepark market will most likely miss having a magazine dedicated to just them. Okay, so having skatepark features in a playground magazine is like being Miss Akron, but it’s still a magazine. Whether you see it or not, there was a lot of crossover with these two publications in the past. And now they’re together and we couldn’t be more excited.

We feel we’ve improved this publication, but we want to hear your comments. Drop me an email at [email protected] or snail mail me a letter at Today’s Playground, attention Brady Kay, 360 B Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. After all, it’s our loyal readers that we’re working for. Without you, we’d have to leave this industry and get real jobs, and none of us are ready to do that. 

We hope you give the new look of Today’s Playground a chance and that you’ll be able to appreciate a publication that covers both the playground and the skatepark industry. After all, these two go together like kids and recreation.  

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