The Loo Goes Off-Grid

When the Portland Loo was designed, cities and the infrastructure surrounding them were critical function of the Loo. Now, we are going places no Loo could go before without utility connections!

This April, we are proud to announce that we can go completely off the grid in partnership with Green Flush Technologies. the Loo can now have a separate water and septic system installed directly underneath in conjunction with solar panels, the Loo can now serve anywhere in the world.

As the Loo goes off the grid, you might wonder how much water it can hold and how many uses there are in between cleanings. With 575 gallons of flush water, the Loo can be used over 2,000 times! Using the Green Flush Technologies toilet that uses .4 gal flush with no odors, we are able to create a restroom unlike any other. 


Currently the Portland Loo is in more than 17 cities internationally. As the Loo is successfully installed in more cities, your ideas have helped make it even better! The Loo/ Green Flush Partnership combines the best toilet technologies with the durability of the Portland Loo. If you have comments, ideas, or just want to learn more, visit the Portland Loo website or shoot the Loo Crew an email found at the end of the newsletter.


-The Loo Crew

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