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National Public Lands Day

Mon, 09/18/2017 - 2:02pm
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8 months ago
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September 25, 2021
National Public Lands Day

From our neighborhood parks or beaches to our nation’s awe-inspiring national parks, public lands of all sizes and varieties are the places where we live, learn, play, exercise, and relax. In fact, over 30% of America’s land is public land.

Now it’s your turn to give back!

NEEF National Public Lands Day (NPLD), sponsored by Toyota Motor North America, is the nation's largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. Through NPLD, NEEF works to connect people to public lands in their community, inspire environmental stewardship, and encourage the use of public lands for education, recreation, and general health.

Bring your family, friends, students, or coworkers to spend the day outdoors giving back to your community by pulling invasive species, maintaining trails, picking up trash, and more. Your work will help ensure our public lands continue to be beautiful places for all to enjoy!

To encourage people to join in and visit their public lands, NPLD is a fee-free day for all federal public lands and many state parks. Whether you volunteer on NPLD, enjoy some boating, hiking, fishing, or camping, or simply learn more about your public lands and the plants and wildlife that live there, we invite you to take this day to enjoy the great outdoors and celebrate the lands that give us so much.

Follow NEEF on Twitter(link is external) (link is external)and Facebook(link is external) for the latest updates and engage with the community through the hashtag #NPLD.

Learn more about how outdoor activity impacts our health, and how our public lands and wildlife are impacted by a changing climate.

#NPLD is happening on September 28, 2019!

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