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Reasons Why Your Kids Should Grow Up with Dogs

Fri, 12/06/2019 - 8:27am
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Kids loving their family dog

Kids naturally like owning pets, and there are many benefits that pets provide for kids. However, many parents think of them being smelly and hair shredding creatures that poop everywhere and need a lot of care. Parents should focus on the good reasons why pets are good and get the best dogs for kids. For those parents sitting on the hedge, here are some excellent reasons why your kids need to grow up around a pet dog.

1. It Encourages Responsibility

Dogs help kids to develop skills. Kids with pets become better caretakers and learn responsibility by caring for the pets the best way possible. Depending on their age, kids learn leadership skills by undertaking duties like feeding, bathing, and brushing the dog, clipping nails, and washing food bowls. The daily commitment of taking care of a dog is like their favorite game. Feeding and grooming their dog is a great way to teach kids the importance of dependability and responsibility.

2. It Builds Self-confidence

Dogs promote emotional development in kids. Pet dogs are like humans, and kids relate with them the same way they do to other siblings. Kids feel wanted and loved in the company of a dog, and they talk, play, cuddle, and even develop anger toward the animals. By participating in these pet-oriented tasks, kids develop self-esteem, commitment, a sense of responsibility, and self-confidence without being judged.

3. It Teaches Them Healthy Habits

Kids tend to always share things like food, drink, ideas, and thoughts with their pets. Kids feel special when giving out food to them, without the pet having to ask for it. So, based on this discretion, kids learn the act of sharing things with others. Sharing the love of a family pet also strengthens the common bond among siblings. Walking or running with dogs around the neighborhood keeps a kid physically fit. Dogs help treat behavioral issues like over aggressiveness and hyperactivity in kids. Dogs are also beneficial when dealing with children who have learning issues.

4. It Improves Health

Once kids learn the importance of their pet’s healthy lifestyle, they will incorporate that in their lifestyle too. As a result, Kids with pets become super healthy and hardly have to visit hospitals. So, dogs can help your kids develop and maintain a stronger immune system and prevent sicknesses than kids living without dogs. Regular walks keep the kids away from computer screens and help them enjoy frequent exercise and fresh air. There are speculations that regular exposure to animal furs make the lungs strong as well as clearing the air passages, thereby reducing their risk of developing asthma.

5. It Boosts Family Bonding

When with kids, pets tend to be good playmates. Since no one in the family can claim ownership of the pet, the siblings will have to learn to play and stay happy together. Becoming playmates distracts the kids from the constant fighting that children often engage with when together. Children are naturally born to be selfish, and they only know their needs. Dogs teach compassion, and it is an excellent way to show empathy for others by involving your kid in caring for the family dog. This way, they learn how to respect the needs of others.

6. Dogs Are a True Friend

Dogs are an ever-willing play buddy, and a great companion for kids, thus prevent depression and loneliness. They are also a trusted friend with whom your kids can go for walks with when they are angry, sad, nervous, or stressed and share with them without being judged. A dog is a trusted friend who will never go away, hit, yell, or fight with kids and are the best companions when they are coping with anxiety, depression, and stress.

When thinking about getting the best dogs for kids, it’s essential also to consider the age and the number of hours you will be leaving your dog alone each day. Identify the best puppies for toddlers to grow up with, as well as the other age groups. There are specific breeds of dogs for kids with allergies or other illnesses. After buying a pet dog for your family, it’s advisable to install a pet social network app like PatchPets: A free dog social media app for dog persons that connects dog owners around the world.

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