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Benefits Of Girls 16 Inch Bikes For More Outdoor Play

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Benefits Of Girls 16 Inch Bikes For More Outdoor Play

Kids aged four to five years old are expected to accomplish several milestones. When your kid reaches this age, they should be able to recognize familiar word signs such as “stop”, pedal a tricycle, enjoy playing with other children, and become more independent. This is also the time where your daughter learns how to obey rules and express her anger verbally.

Aside from providing the guidance that your kid needs to reach the said milestones, investing in one of the 5 best girls’ 16-inch bikes can also help. The size of these bikes is ideal for children between four to six years old, and letting your kid use any of these vehicles regularly can enhance their development in more ways than one.

Contrary to popular belief, girls’ 16-inch bikes don’t only encourage more outdoor play. These bikes can also provide the following benefits:

1. Exercises Cardiovascular Muscles

Exercise is vital for your daughter’s health. Being physically active can boost her body’s ability to pump blood and take more oxygen in the lungs. Over time, these can keep her heart, lungs, and blood vessels healthy, making it easy for her to maintain a healthy weight.

If you want your daughter to spend less time in front of the screen and more time outdoors, girls’ 16-inch bikes can be the perfect solution.

Cycling is a great way for your kid to exercise the large muscles in their legs. As they exercise, their heart rates increase, causing their stamina to accelerate. Over time, this activity can exercise all of the cardiovascular muscles in their body and keep their weight in check.

Being physically active through cycling can also boost your daughter’s bodily functions for her to ward off sickness easily. The more time your daughter spends cycling, the greater cardiovascular benefits she can experience from the activity.

2. Builds Muscle Mass

Cycling is a great exercise for the legs, but its benefits don’t only stop there. Cycling regularly can actually benefit your daughter’s entire body. This works because cycling with a 16-inch bike can build and strengthen your daughter’s muscles at a slow and steady rate.

Muscle mass is vital for your daughter’s development because as her muscles develop and become strong, she also becomes more capable of engaging in more activities. When your daughter has increased muscle strength, she can gain coordination and even increase her weight because of her muscle mass.

Coordination can enhance your daughter’s fine motor skills. These skills can help her manipulate different items, such as toys, sports equipment, and school supplies. Coordination also makes it easy for your daughter to use several senses at the same time. 

3. Improves Brain Functions

It’s common for parents to look after their children’s cognitive functions. They want their children to grow up smart and mentally alert. By investing in a 16-inch bike, you can achieve these goals and ensure that your daughter actually grows with better brain functions.

Cycling is a physical activity, but doing it can also provide a lot of cognitive benefits to your daughter, such as:

  • Cycling is a type of aerobic exercise, and doing it regularly can improve the flow of oxygen to your daughter’s brain. This can result in better brain functions, especially when your daughter is put into stressful and challenging situations.

Moreover, cycling can also stimulate the functions of neurons found in your daughter’s brain. This can improve your daughter’s creativity and encourage her to think out of the box. The more time she spends cycling, the more her creativity is enhanced.

  • Creativity is an important skill for your daughter in every stage of her life. This skill is crucial when she becomes a teenager, and even when she becomes an adult. Providing activities that can foster creativity allows your daughter to develop creativity at a very young age. 
  • Aside from improving the flow of oxygen in the brain, cycling regularly can also boost the brain’s ability to create more cells in the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that primarily works in storing your daughter’s memory.

This means that investing in a 16-inch bike allows your daughter to improve her memory while warding off cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

  • According to studies, children who regularly cycle perform better at school, especially with activities that require higher concentration. This is the reason why children with ADHD are encouraged to use bicycles as often as possible.

4. Relieves Stress

Four-year-olds can already experience stress. More often than not, your daughter can experience stress from school, her peers, and even her own family. Over time, stress can develop into anxiety and can take a toll on your daughter’s mental health. 

Aside from making sure that your daughter is surrounded by a safe and healthy environment, letting her play with her 16-inch bike can also help. Cycling is a great stress reliever because this activity is a lot of fun and can help your child take stressors off her mind

After a tiring day at school or long hours of traveling, your daughter can relax the moment she rides her bike. This activity can reduce her stress, thus making her feel happier. Once stress is out of the picture, your daughter can feel calm and can continue to do more valuable activities.

5. Strengthens Emotional Wellness

The skills that your daughter develops while she’s young are the same skills she will use when she gets older. This is one of the reasons why you should always pay attention to your child’s development during their early years.

A 16-inch bike can boost your daughter’s confidence. When your daughter cycles regularly, her self-confidence improves because she learns how to act independently.

Cycling is a great avenue for your daughter to become aware of her body and how it works. Your daughter also learns more about her surroundings, and feels more responsible for her actions when placed in certain environments. Through cycling, your daughter can understand why she falls off her bike and learn what she can do in order to avoid falling off again in the future. 

Emotional wellness helps your daughter understand and adjust to her environment. This skill helps her to be comfortable whenever she is not at home as she can effectively ward off fear or feelings of hopelessness.

Spending time with your daughter as she rides her bike is also a great way to bond with each other and create happy memories together. Family time can do wonders for your daughter’s development as this can help her become more positive and happy.

6. Enhances Socializing Skills

Social interaction plays a vital role in your daughter’s development. Socializing with her peers can help her develop her sense of self and learn what other people expect from her. It is also through these interactions that your daughter learns to share, set boundaries, cooperate, and solve problems with the aid of other people.

Cycling using her 16-inch bike can help your daughter experience all of the wonders of social interaction. Cycling serves as your daughter’s avenue to socialize with the children in her neighborhood and create friendships with them. Cycling during the weekends or after school can become her activity to bond with her newfound friends!

Cycling can also help your child improve their communication skills so they can easily share their views, discuss their little problems, and have fun with their peers. Children will surely have more fun riding their bikes if they’re doing it with their friends!

7. Enhances Range Of Motion

Being able to move with ease is essential as your kid is growing. As they age, they are expected to achieve more complex milestones. The older they get, the more challenging these milestones become. 

For your daughter to transition to these milestones easier, letting her play with a 16-inch bike can surely help as cycling can actually improve her range of motion.

Cycling will require focus, which means that as your daughter learns how to bike, she will also learn how to tolerate distractions and pay more attention to the task at hand. These tasks can include stepping on the pedals, navigating her way using her bike, and learning when to use the hand brakes.

By cycling regularly, your daughter learns how to move easier because she is working on her range of motion. This activity can help her decide on how she should act when placed in certain situations. Should she step on the brakes or turn slowly once she sees a dog in the middle of the street?  How can she move her body as one with the bike? 

Your child might have enhanced their range of motion from cycling, but it will not be long before they apply this skill to other facets of their lives. Better range of motion can also mean spending less time in dressing and bathing themselves. Over time, this skill can decrease body pain and aid in long-term time management.

8. Keeps Your Daughter Active

Because of the advent of technology, more and more children are spending time indoors to play virtual games. Most children can survive spending several days inside their rooms as long as they have their gadgets with them.

If you don’t want your daughter to grow up having this kind of lifestyle, invest in a 16-inch bike as soon as possible. Cycling can encourage your daughter to spend more time outdoors, warding off laziness and inactivity.

Being physically active can prevent childhood obesity and help your child achieve optimal health. Since cycling is a great exercise for the legs, introducing the activity early to your daughter allows her to tone her legs even while she’s still young.

Letting your daughter cycle with her 16-inch bike can help her understand how important physical activities are, as well as help her to start and continue living an active lifestyle as she grows older.

The younger you teach your child about the importance of physical activities, the higher chances they have in staying healthy throughout their lives.

9. Energizes Your Daughter

As mentioned above, the experiences your daughter goes through at four to five years old can significantly contribute to her character in the long run. The things she learns during this stage of her life will serve as her foundation towards adulthood.

Although a 16-inch bike is merely a toy, allowing your daughter to use it regularly can energize her through a lot of ways. Cycling through this bike can provide these amazing benefits:

  • With a 16-inch bicycle, your daughter will have a reason or motivation to get out and bask in the sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can be a great source of vitamin D, helping your daughter’s energy levels to skyrocket. Vitamin D is known to enhance the mitochondria or the battery of cells, which means that exposure to sunlight can improve your daughter’s energy levels. Vitamin D also helps absorb and retain more calcium and phosphorus in children’s bodies. These nutrients are crucial for your daughter’s physical growth as these keep her bones strong as she grows.
  • Getting fresh air outdoors can also rejuvenate your child holistically and can calm them down as well. Instead of using any gadget to relieve themselves from any tension, going out to use their 16-inch bike is a much better and healthier thing for them to do.

Spending more time with nature can also help your child sleep well and boost their bodily functions. Spending more time outdoors and getting enough sleep every night can immune their bodies from allergies, decreasing their susceptibility to common illnesses and diseases.

  • Spending time outdoors can reduce your daughter’s risk to gadget and TV addiction. If you don't know how to control your daughter’s exposure to digital screens, buying her a 16 inch bike is a great solution to try out.

Since cycling allows her to meet new friends and spend time in a new environment, it will not be long before your daughter will actually love going out.

  • Because your daughter is spending a lot of time outdoors, cycling can increase her curiosity and desire to learn more. Cycling outdoors can help her learn a lot about the place where she lives as well as the people in her neighborhood. Her young mind will tend to explore more, thereby enhancing her knowledge about the environment around her.
  • Being physically active through cycling can help your daughter stay active in school and in other venues. She will be more inspired to do more every single day, which means that she can learn and develop skills easier in the long run!

Carefully Weigh Your Options

Girls’ 16-inch bikes can provide a wealth of benefits to children. However, your daughter will only experience all of these benefits if you buy the right type of bike for her. There are several girls’ 16-inch bikes available in the market today, which is why you should be careful in choosing what to buy.

Weighing your options carefully allows you to buy a 16-inch bike that will not only boost your daughter’s development but will also guarantee her safety while using it.

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