Lisa Byrne

Walking in Two Worlds is Lisa’s forte: as in working for a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company while co-owning a metaphysical store called Soulutions for Daily Living. After some time of being a “Corporate Shaman” opening doors and raising consciousness in the corporate world, she took the leap to leave the pharmaceutical company and work full time at the store and her healing practice. After selling the metaphysical store and moving to Durango in 2006, she again found herself walking in two or three worlds, being a sales representative for a children’s software company, a poker dealer and a sound healer/musician.

Publishing, What’s That? One day Lisa woke up and heard “E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community” and thought, “Cool name I wonder what it will be used for”? Several years later after repeatedly asking the question “When will there be a conscious living magazine in our area”? Lisa decided to create a publication and call it? What else E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community.

As a publisher of a magazine Lisa wears many hats that vary in size and color such as sales, marketing, social media, maintaining the web site, customer relations, distribution and the list goes on. She again has found herself walking in two worlds one as part of the healing/holistic community and the other calling forth the skills as a Business Major to publish E.P.I.C. When she is not in publishing mode she can be found meditating, doing yoga or playing the didgeridoo.