fbpx 7 Reasons Why Running in the Park Early is Healthy

7 Reasons Why Running in the Park Early is Healthy

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 9:13am
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Do you think running only helps you to lose weight? You are right and wrong at the same time. Why?

There are more benefits to running in the morning than you can imagine. Running in the morning is convenient; it can improve mood and self-esteem and can also reduce stress. These are just a few of the benefits of running early in the morning.

“It feels great to start your day knowing you have done something amazing and beneficial for your wellbeing,” says John Macgregor, a training consultant at EssayOnTime.co.uk.

Running is no doubt one of the best ways to exercise. The good thing about running is that you can do it in the morning, after work or in the evening.

If you have been running regularly in the morning, you can tell how the experience can be pretty spiritual and since there are fewer people to cause traffic, plus hearing the sounds of nature can make it an enjoyable and amazing experience.

It’s not a secret but there is something magical about waking up when everyone else is asleep, having that special time to boost your health and energy for the next day.

Walking, running, and jogging in the park early help will help you lose weight but there are several reasons why running in the morning is healthy as outlined below.

Running in the Park Early Boosts Your Mood

The human body has multiple hormones all of which are meant to serve unique purposes. According to health researchers at Nerdywriters, when you run, jog or walk, your body releases feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids.

The hormones then boost your mood by making you want to continue running. This way, you start your day feeling positive and strengthened.

Running Relieves Stress

The weather is usually calm in the morning. You can run and focus on your feelings, body, and mind which results in a relaxed and calm feeling. Therefore, if you had a stressful day yesterday or you are up for a busy day ahead, wake up early and go for a morning run so that you can clear your head and get it ready for the new day ahead.

Running Is Free And Accessible

Different days have different schedules. Today, you may not have a busy day but tomorrow you find yourself busy to the extent you do not have time to breathe. In such situations where it’s hard to predict what day it would be tomorrow, it can be hard to find classes at the gym that fit in with the day to day work activities.

However, you can run any time of day whenever you want to since the park is always available to use. You just need a pair of trainers and you are good to run. This means you will also save on the amount you could pay on your gym membership.

Running Burns More Calories

There is no other exercise that can be compared to running when it comes to efficient burning of calories.

Running is a high-intensity work out that involves multiple muscle organs working hard together. This way more calories are burnt up front and the burning continues and can last for two days after you have stopped running.

In fact, according to a study by Loreen Lewthwait, the owner and co-founder of custom essay writing service, running boosts afterburn- the calories burned after running.

Mornings are Cool

Most people hate dealing with sweat. And in fact, the main obstacle of running under the sun is that it can be too hot. Also, the evenings are too dark as a result of the sunset. But running in the morning minimizes the need for sunscreen.

Running Keeps Cancer Risks at Bay

There is still no study that has established running to be a cure for cancer. However, a study by besttermpaper shows that running reduces your risk of cancer. Other studies have shown that running regularly can lower the risk of certain cancers.

In fact, for people who have cancer, running can boost the quality of life, especially when undergoing chemotherapy, but you must seek advice from your doctor before you start running.

Running Helps You Get Better Sleep

It’s true that running, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, can help to get better sleep, but doing it later in the day, particularly before you go to sleep can make you feel restless which means you will not fall asleep easily.

Running in the morning means that by the time you want to hit the sheets, the energy boost will have faded away.

Bonus - Running Lowers Blood Pressure

According to Dr. Collins Stewart from the best essay writing service, running early in the park has a positive effect on blood pressure. Stewart argues that when you wake up early in the morning and run, whether it’s for 10 to 20 minutes, you will likely bring down an average of 10% in your blood pressure levels (for people who have high blood pressure)

Final Thoughts

Running in the morning can boost your fitness levels tremendously; it can crash more calories and help you to lose weight. What’s more, it is accessible and cost-effective than going to the gym.

Although running any time of the day can be beneficial to your health, running in the morning offers way too more benefits psychologically and physiologically, says Christopher Johannes, the author of the article about psychology and how to pick the best paper writing service. And since everyone must always improve his skills, logical thinking and study knowledge then we ought to embrace the trait of running every day in the morning.


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