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How Much Exercise Does a Body Need to Stay Active?

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 12:38pm
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Two things in the world tend to frighten people the most; Math and exercise. However, just as the mystery of Math can be made easy, so too can the tedious task of exercising. We all know that physical movement is necessary for a person to stay healthy. But the problem is that after the age of 30 usually men and women do not regularly get any physical activity. Though, both of them wish to make time for it.

Do You Know?

The right approach to a fit lifestyle is to start by answering a simple question. Do you think you are getting enough exercise to keep your body healthy and active whatever the season is? Most people who exercise regularly would respond affirmatively. Yet, it is necessary to know how much exercise your body actually requires. Over-exercising will take a toll on your muscles or even result in serious injury in extreme cases, whereas under-exercising might lead to lethargy and obesity. Hence, it is essential to work out your body under certain guidelines and for a specific time.

Ideal Time Allocation:

For people who are in the “normal” body mass range, two-three hours of physical activity is essential throughout the week. Furthermore, for folks looking to lose weight, the ideal daily routine is thirty minutes of workout alongside a healthy diet. It is also important to do strength training on a regular basis. Basic strength exercises like push-ups, pull-ups or weight lifting should be done at least 2-3 times per week if you want a toned body within a few months. Whether you are male or female, aerobic and cardio exercises should definitely be a regular part of your exercise routine. These exercises can quickly be done for up to thirty minutes every day, and they will help you remain active and agile.

Exercise Essential for Desk Job Workers:

Keeping yourself physically active would actually require more effort from you if you have a desk job where you sit in a chair all day. For example, if you are a clerk, computer scientist or an academic writing services provider, the chances are that you remain glued in front of a computer all day long. In such cases, it might be even harder for you to motivate yourself to run or lift weights at the end of a busy day. If this is true, then you should initially try to start slow. Work out for ten or fifteen minutes every day and keep increasing the time until you set a proper routine and get comfortable with it. However, ultimately you have to raise your workout time to the standard half an hour per day. This is because regardless of your occupation, gender, size, or stamina, you definitely require two or three hours of exercise every week. If you are not fulfilling this basic requirement, you are more likely to become lazy, lethargic and unmotivated. It is, however, also vital to avoid any acts of over-exercising. Going above and beyond your body’s capability could be harmful to you. Therefore, it is advisable that before setting targets for yourself, consult online body and exercise charts to understand what type of exercises suit you best. You should also discuss your program with your personal doctor. The standard exercise time is a must for almost everyone in the world, but even that might have certain variations depending on your body type and gender.

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