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6 Cool Kicks for Boys & Girls of All Ages

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 10:46am
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Shoe shopping is hard enough for parents, but for kids — they go through shoes like they go through Halloween candy. They need shoes for formal occasions, recess, and casual and fashionable days. Bad weather and hard wear and tear ruin shoes, so there’s also the need for rain boots and non-slip shoes. No wonder paychecks disappear so quickly!

When kids go shoe shopping, they get bored easily and decide to hate every pair placed in front of them. Here are six cool kicks for boys and girls of all ages that they’ll love to try on and may leave on.

1. Formal with Freedom

Whether for church on Sunday, wedding or graduation ceremony, kids need to get used to formal wear early on.   Getting a child to wear formal clothing proves difficult, and the shoes often present the last barrier between their resistance and your out-the-door success. Your child refuses to put on formal shoes because it symbolizes somewhere they don’t want to go, and kids are bound to run around anyway in their formal shoes. So, what do you do?

Formal shoes don’t have to be boring or bland. Kids’ oxford-style sneakers or loafers add style, personality, and comfort — for a little after formal event fun, aim for loafers you can dress up or down. Don’t be afraid to add color into the mix. They can also pair with your child’s favorite superhero socks. If Dad can pull off a weird tie, then his kid should get rights to weird socks, too.

2. Outdoor Recess and Playground

The playground is a little tamer with its cultivated area than the wild outdoors, but care must be taken in selecting the proper shoe for your child’s outdoor adventures. Good traction, grip, flexibility, and support all matter when selecting the right shoe.

Looks like laces are on the way out, and no-zip and speed-latch straps are in. Super Hero’s Galactix offers a gender-neutral true fit for each child’s foot to hit the playground and the great outdoors in the Pantone 2018 color. The Pierce T2 is lace-less and tongue-less, a perfect lightweight gym shoe for kids who hate clunky outdoor sneakers. These are a few examples of shoes that offer style and flexibility for the playground and recess while keeping each kid balanced and safe.

3. Non-Slip

Kids will be kids, and they get into all kinds of shenanigans. They shouldn’t run in the house or indoors when out and about, but they do. When they get caught up in adventure and adrenaline, your child is likely to lose focus and may lose their footing.

A non-slip shoe with good traction is important to stay on track. Non-slip shoes provide dispersion channels and solid surface contact with a rubber outsole that handles oil and water better than other materials. Think Crocs, Reebok and more. You’ll also see the terms “non-skid” and “slip-resistant” when shopping for non-slip shoes for kids.

4. Fashionable Sneakers

Each kid possesses a unique style to express with fashionable sneakers that shine, sparkle and represent their inner all-star. Trusted brands like Steve Madden, Eileen Fisher and Frye will keep your kid on trend. Purchase from a family shoemaker to keep sales local and to find a trusted fit for those fashionable feet.

Think of fashionable shoes as statement pieces in an outfit. Your kid can wear sporty clothes or neutral colors and stand out, both on trend and individually.

5. Casual

Most days, your kid just wants to be free to their casual self as they walk the halls. Casual shoes are worn for those entering school in style but are too chill for the playground.

Moccasins never go out of style and make for a great gender-neutral shoe. Another similarly styled shoe is called the weekender, which your kid can dress up or dress down as a sneaker-loafer.

6. Rain Boots

Your kids can’t go on nature adventures without thunderstorm stompers — can they? Over the years, rain boots got cooler with interesting patterns and prints. Many look like stylish everyday shoes but still pack that waterproof and traction power. You’ll find boots like that at the Gap, Walmart, and Target, for example, and many brands make their rain boots resemble sharks and other cool creatures.

You can also stick with the classic rain boots. Your kid can still pretend their foot is a shark attacking a stick in a puddle.

These six cool kicks represent six pairs of shoes your kid absolutely needs without compromising on style, safety or the fun factor. Shop with this list in mind and you’ll save your kid’s cool fashion sense and your budget while maximizing the quality time you must spend together.

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