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5 Study-Boosting Benefits of Exercise for Students

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 11:29am
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Stretching is important to exercise

During exam periods, it’s hard to leave the chair. It’s a dead end, no matter how good you are at organizing your study time. The more you sit at your desk, the harder will it be to concentrate. If you choose to leave the desk and take a break, you will be overcome with anxiety due to not working when you’re supposed to.

How can you save yourself from the inevitable stress and boost your studying? The answer lies far from the mind but affects it greatly.

We’re talking about exercise! Moving your body and putting a strain on your muscles can have enormous benefits on your study performance. To show you the effectiveness of getting a workout in, we’ve decided to highlight the benefits of exercise for studying.

After realizing the significance of leading an active lifestyle, your grades will rise, as well as the overall quality of your life.

Teaches you how to handle adversity

Exercise is different from other types of obstacles because there is no way around the pain. If you’re not used to doing a particular exercise, there is no way around it but to try as hard you can. The same situation is when you have to study something that you don’t have the will for. You have to handle adversity.

Our bodies have been programmed to deem physical pain and fatigue much more severe than mental difficulties. One of the most underrated benefits of exercise is that you will learn how to traverse over hurdles much tougher than mere concentration problems.

After running a 5k, you will find it much easier to go through multiple chapters at once. It’s something you might not realize right away, but it will become habitual very soon.

Better sleep quality

When you’re studying, there is a myriad of factors that can contribute to low sleep quality. Too much caffeine, obesity, sugar and, of course, stress can all be detrimental to your academic performance. A study proved that students who practice yoga regularly have a much easier time falling asleep at night.

Exercise is known to increase melatonin, a hormone which induces sleep and rest. Not only this, but your body will feel tired, causing you to fall asleep much more easily.

Yoga provides mental and emotional benefits

Teaches you organizational skills

If you already have a lot to do every day, adding exercise for students into the mix will only cause you to be more creative with organizing your time.

You will have to make sure every detail of your day is designed so that your performance is maximized. When you realize you don’t have a lot of time, you will become more creative and hire assignment helpers from Edubirdie.

Adding exercise to your daily routine is excellent preparation for later life when you will be dealing with many different challenges in terms of time and organization.

Better memory

A few months ago, a study was published in relation to making the connection between physical exercise and memory-related performance. Out of all the women who were tested, every participant has shown at least 20% better memory after running on a treadmill before a test.

Although there aren’t any long-term tests, scientists are convinced that exercising for a longer period of time further increases memory power. It’s up to you to explore.

Reduces strain on the eyes and mind

Studying multiple hours non-stop might seem like a good idea, but you’re actually being severely counter-productive. The more you spend studying without a proper break, your eyes and brain get more and more tired and lead to difficulties while reading. After a longer period of time, you could start experiencing high eye pressure and headaches.

Exercise solves this problem by giving you at least an hour to take your eyes off the computer and off the studying material. Not focusing your eyes on anything gives your brain some much-needed rest. After just a quick jog, you will be able to study more effectively than ever.

Concluding thoughts

Exercise and studying are much more connected than we previously thought. When you’re drowning in assignments, schedules, and other college-related obligations, you need to work out. Once you tire yourself, you will see your mood being regulated, as well as finding it much easier to concentrate. With an improved blood flow, there will be nothing you can’t conquer in terms of studying and life in general.

There is also a motivational factor. When you see you’re improving with your workouts, the feeling of success will become contagious. You will want to accomplish more and more and you won’t be afraid of challenges anymore. This is without even mentioning the fact that you’re investing in your future and ensuring a comfortable old age, with few health problems. Good luck!


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