fbpx The Best Bleachers to Use When Managing a Recreational Event

The Best Bleachers to Use When Managing a Recreational Event

Tue, 08/11/2020 - 6:45pm
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The Best Bleachers

As you begin to plan for a recreational event there are a lot of things to consider. But when you’re expecting a crowd, an important factor is where are you going to have everyone sit? Do you want to wheel out some folding chairs? Probably not. When you’re looking to seat a crowd the best solution is bleachers. 

But what are the different options for bleachers? How many choices can there be? Well, there are a lot but one thing is for sure: there is a choice that works for your event! The most common type of bleachers are made of aluminum and that is good news for you since all-aluminum bleachers are lightweight but can withstand harsh conditions. 

Whether you’re looking to install permanent seating or you’re looking for a mobile option to fill a one-time seating need, aluminum bleachers are the obvious choice for you. Are curious why? Here are four reasons aluminum bleachers are the best. 

  1. Aluminum is Easy to Maneuver

    Especially if you are looking for a short-term seating option, aluminum tip and roll bleachers are your best bet. Not only would a permanent bleacher system not make sense but perhaps you just don’t need tons of seating to accommodate the size of your crowd. Tip and roll bleachers are the perfect solution for your sitting conundrum in this instance. 

    Tip and roll style bleachers are smaller, aluminum bleachers who want their seating to be fully portable. Typically, these bleachers are no more than four rows of seating deep and come on wheels. When you’re shopping for bleachers look to see if tip and roll style are available in your area since they are so versatile. 

    Because tip and roll bleachers are on wheels you can take them just about anywhere you will need a pop-up seating solution. Wheeling the bleachers around is a lot easier than it sounds because they can fold up compactly: some brands can even be rolled right through a standard doorway! They can really go anywhere and they have brakes that lock so they will be steady and safe once they’re in place. 

    The fact that these bleachers are aluminum means that they will still be comfortable for your attendees, and since they aren’t too high they will be easy to navigate. Aluminum when compared to other materials just isn’t as heavy! As long as you have a solid hard surface for tip and roll bleachers to land, they will provide a stable seating solution for you. 

    Tip and roll bleachers are set on swivel caster, non-marring wheels for floor protection, so they won’t scratch up your wooden gymnasium floors! The versatility of this type of bleachers is unmatched. Whether you keep some on hand for any time an event occurs or you prefer to rent, these bleachers are a great option for any recreational event. 

  2. Aluminum is Safe

    Have you ever gotten a splinter? They hurt. That is a great reason to avoid old wooden bleachers for sure, but aluminum is also a safe and sturdy option for your seating needs. As long as your bleachers have been fit well, that is that they have been constructed properly, your next event will have a perfect aluminum bleacher seating. 

    As you look at bleachers to ensure their safety you will want to look to make sure that all the planks are correctly aligned without gaps. You will also want to be sure that your guardrails line up properly and don’t have a rough edge. Making sure all rough edges are covered is important. 

    Your attendees will rely on your bleachers to keep them safe so don’t skip on your own safety inspections. Aluminum bleacher’s planks will be coated in order to prevent corrosion and typically have a lifespan of about 30 years. Regularly checking that no problems have popped up with your bleachers will ensure that any event you’re hosting will be top-notch and safe. 

  3. Aluminum Bleachers Can Come in Many Sizes

    There’s no one size fits all solution for bleachers. Maybe you only need to seat a small crowd of 25 or perhaps you need seating for a huge crowd. No matter what you are looking for there is a seating option for you! A good rule of thumb is to allot 18'’ of seat per person. This will help you decide what kind of bleachers you will need. 

    If you find the tip and roll bleachers are too small but you aren’t ready to invest in a permanent seating option with elevated bleachers and you need more seating than tip and roll bleachers can provide there is a middle ground option: the portable bleachers. 

    So if you need to transform a field or park into a viewing area for a special occasion moveable bleachers are a great solution. (They are also great for overflow seating for large ticketed events!) Because they can be put to use on-demand and moved from field to field, once your event is over it will go back to its pre-event condition without a problem. 

    This style of bleachers is easy to set up and can be a good match when you’re looking to fill a seating crunch since you can set them up next to permanently elevated bleachers. These aluminum bleachers are moved using a tractor or riding lawn mower, so they require more planning and forethought than tilt and roll bleachers do.

  4. Aluminum Bleachers Can Be A Permanent Solution

    For a large investment, consider permanently elevated bleachers for your events. Aluminum bleachers are durable and sturdy. Because they are built for frequent, high-volume use, you can expect them to last and look good for years to come. Obviously, elevated bleachers are intended for ongoing use and frequent events. 

    Elevated bleachers should be manufactured to International Building Code (IBC) standards. With guidelines for the guardrails, openings between seats and footboards, and other considerations for your safety and the safety of your guests. 

    Did you know that for elevations of more than 30” from the ground the openings between the seat and footboards can’t allow a ball greater than 4’’ to pass through? This fun fact helps keep attendees safe and hopefully blocks a lot of items from falling under the seats. 

    The only downside at all to aluminum bleachers is that they conduct heat and cold remarkably well. If you live in a climate that could be adversely affected by the aluminum getting too hot or there are covers that you can purchase to keep the seats out of the elements. It doesn’t take long for cold aluminum to warm up however so this may not be a concern of yours!


No matter what type of bleachers will suit the needs of your event, whether it’s for sports spectators or for people to enjoy a concert, you can be sure that aluminum bleachers are up to the task. Your attendees will be grateful for a seat and you can relax knowing that you have made the best choice possible with aluminum bleachers.

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