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2006-2007 Buyer's Guide Industry Biographies

Tue, 08/01/2006 - 5:00am
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Empex Watertoys
591 Albright Rd.
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R4 Canada
Phone: 866-833-8580
Phone: 905-649-5047
Fax: 905-649-1757
Web: www.watertoys.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Since 1986, Empex Watertoys of Toronto, Canada, has manufactured creative interactive water toys and spray features for water play and sprayparks in campgrounds, municipal parks, waterparks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, day camps, summer camps, golf courses and resorts.

Ergonomically designed for safety, the products are nonmetal, lightning-proof and corrosion free; fabricated of rugged, specialty plastics for use in chlorinated water.

Much lighter than metal, installation of Empex features does not require elaborate foundations or embedded anchors. Completely surface mounted, the features are easily retrofitted to existing water supplies or interchanged to vary the spraypark design from year to year.

Empex Watertoys now presents its latest creation—the Aquaton Spraypark.

The signature Empex “Aquatecture” is made up of a central climb and slide Aquadek surrounded by a combination of interactive Watertoys, Aquajetz and Aquatons spray features for kids of all ages. The new Baby Bungee design also caters to babes in arms.

Aquatons require minimal maintenance and have no troublesome exposed fasteners, valves or levers. Interactivity is provided through the children’s interaction with water flow alone. Products are created from extremely strong reinforced composite plastics and are available in a variety of standard and custom shapes with the Empex color signature to create a dynamic and colorful spray park.

KoalaPlay Group
7881 S. Wheeling Court
Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: 888-214-9698
Fax: 303-539-8599

Contact: Steve Wagner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Web: www.koalaplaygroup.com
E-mail: [email protected]

KoalaPlay Group is the undisputed leader in developing custom play areas for businesses that feature family entertainment with seamlessly integrated solutions for the design, construction, and maintenance of interactive play attractions. A worldwide pioneer in the dry play, soft foam play, and water play industries, KoalaPlay Group is always at technology’s cutting edge, creating the unique interactive elements such as its patented tipping bucket and Interactive BallPlay–the ultimate in dry play family fun. KoalaPlay Group also offers the industry’s best selection of superior play environments for longer, more enjoyable playtime.

The recognized leader in interactive play structures and the originator of the shallow-pool “water playhouse” concept now seen around the world, KoalaPlay offers a combination of waterslides with highly interactive elements including swings, climbing units, water blasters, bucket drop, spray pools, as well as participation-activated showers and jets.

As the leading manufacturer of soft contained indoor and outdoor playground equipment, this company offers everything from high-excitement theme park attractions to customized, brightly colored Superior Foam interactive elements for creative toddler play such as slides, climbers and crawls for home use.  

Rain Drop
Products, LLC
P.O. Box 781
1430B George Rd.
Phone: 419-207-1229
Fax: 419-207-8902
Web: www.rain-drop.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Rain Drop Products is proud to be an “American Made” manufacturer. Its products are involved in thousands of installations around the world.

Time tested and well proven, Rain Drop Products deliver the maximum in a fun, action-packed water play features for many happy returns on your investment.

Municipal parks, pools, resorts, campgrounds, water parks and both private and public health clubs are ideal locations for Rain Drop products.

Backed by a great warranty and an industry-leading customer service commitment, you can count on Rain Drop Products to be there from planning to service after the sale.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International, Inc.
328 Avro St.
Montreal, Quebec H9R 5W5
Phone: 877-5VORTEX
Fax: 514-989-0413
Web: www.vortex-intl.com

Founded on the principles of excellence, integrity, and above all, fun, Vortex is the leader in the design and manufacturing of aquatic play equipment. Its mission is to create exceptional aquatic play environments for children of all ages while offering outstanding value and unparalleled customer service and support. For over a decade, Vortex’s innovative designs have revolutionized aquatic recreation.

Landscape architects, urban planners and city officials worldwide hail Vortex’s Splashpad as the coolest trend in aquatic play and the ultimate addition to any recreational area. A Vortex Splashpad is a thrilling zero-depth aquatic environment that fuses eye-catching design, enhanced play value, and maximum durability with total safety and low-cost maintenance and operation.

In city parks, hotels, resorts and communities throughout the world, you’ll find ecstatic children enjoying the Splash pads exhilarating interactive play features. Water cannons, dumping buckets, erupting jets, and more—every Splashpad is a magical interactive play environment filled with entertaining spray sequences designed to inspire imagination, build anticipation and delightfully surprised. Kids love Splashpads, and Vortex offers a wide variety to fit your project budget.

Waterplay Manufacturing, Inc.
1451B Ellis St.
Kelowna, BC V1Y 2A3
Phone: 800-590-5552
Fax: 250-861-4814
Web: www.waterplay.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Kids love water. The trick is giving them a safe water play experience combined with fun. While developing your park, Waterplay will help you with the design, installation, and maintenance of your project. Its water spraypark design experts will make sure your safety issues are taken care of and all the specialized components are in place to complement your design. Waterplay will help you determine elements such as water source, drainage, and power supply needed. Once you choose the components for your park, it offers a custom presentation to show just how unique your park can be.

You can also have fun by designing your own spray park in 60 seconds using the online park builder, located on the Waterplay website. Regardless of your role in the spray park project, this park builder makes designing a spray park simple. Waterplay believes that whether designing a new product or providing installation advice to contractors, it’s all about that infectious smile on every child’s face.

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