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Playgrounds of the imagination are open whenever we are. They are everywhere we are. We can visit them in bed, on a walk, in the woods, looking up, eyes open or closed. Even when our bodies are no longer as flexible as our minds are, we still have our imagination to keep us free and alive and full of wonder. Imagination. Such a simple gift. So...
Kayals Hands
PRESCOTT - The Kayla's Hands playground will be built this spring, Kiwanis Club of Prescott leaders said at a ceremonial groundbreaking Friday, Jan. 25. Kayla Mueller was confirmed dead nearly a year ago, following an 18-month ordeal as a captive of the Islamic State group in Syria. She had been working as a humanitarian in Turkey near the Syrian...
If one Canadian foundation gets its way, outdoor playgrounds will be a riskier and more unstructured place for kids. On Thursday, the Lawson Foundation announced its Outdoor Play Strategy which includes $2.7 million in grants, to be spent on developing outdoor play programs across Canada.
Anyone who has ever visited a playground can tell you how much fun they provide for children of all ages. If you dig deeper, you’ll find that playgrounds not only provide fun and entertainment, but that they also provide important opportunities for children to learn and foster new skills. At playgrounds, children tackle new challenges, using their...
The Hanifl Family Wild Woods A Nature Based Play-Area at The Minnesota Zoo Trees love to toss and sway; they make such happy noises. Emily Carr A Description of The Hanifl Family Wild Woods
The daily lives of U.S. children are changing dramatically, and not always for the better. The average 8- to 10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with a variety of different media, according to a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Older children spend even more time with cell phones, computers, iPads, video games, and television.i...
Before inspectors
No helmets, no safety rails, no child-friendly synthetic surfaces — little sign of an adult (with or without a fluorescent bib and a first aid kit). Yet, none of these scenes ended in disaster. They were just part of growing up in the days when a stubbed  toe or a cracked tooth was a fact of life, not an excuse to call the  nearest no-win/no-fee...
Senior Playground
Playgrounds aren’t just for kids. An emerging trend of playgrounds for seniors is transforming the way communities think about adult well-being and public space. These playgrounds make remarkable strides to welcome older adults into what is generally considered the domain of youngsters, and engage them in outdoor physical fitness in the commons,...
Plygrd Gods
Perched atop a mountain, with spectacular views of Vancouver and her surrounding environs, Playground of the Gods was envisioned and realized by Toko Nuburi, an Ainu woodcarver.
After four years of waiting, the city of Canton, Ohio, finally turned on the water to its long-delayed spray park.
Playground Maintenance Course - Diamond of Care - Knowledge, Document, Inspection, Correction
The Playground Maintenance Certificate of Completion Program offered through Clemson University is holding two classes this fall in Oregon and Washington.
How to build a playground in 10 easy steps
Building a playground should be as much fun as playing on it.   Here are 10 easy steps.
Abernathy Greenway Linear Park - Wonderwall
Three new very different playspaces have recently opened in different parts of the country - Abernathy Greenway Linear Park, Magical Bridge Playground, and Casey's Clubhouse. The different approaches that the community took to create these spaces demonstrate the vast possibilities for inclusive design.
Magical Bridge Playground, Palo Alto
The Magical Bridge playground, one of few in the nation geared to the needs of adults and children with disabilities, opened in Palo Alto to a throng of hundreds of people. The playground at Mitchell Park goes well beyond Americans with Disabilities Act requirements to provide wheelchair access on merry-go-rounds and slides, in a two-story...
Inclusive Playground - Playworld Systems
How can a playground make a difference for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? The playground is the perfect place to practice skills: social skills, balancing, how the body relates to the space around it, and how it reacts to height and speed. Many children with autism are in therapy programs to learn to deal with these situations.
In these days of helicopter parenting and obese first-graders, any opportunity that kids get to run around outdoors certainly has to be applauded. And yet, psychologists and designers are starting to question the value of what they call "the playground in a box," the factory-made, cookie-cutter climbing frames that dominate schoolyards and parks...
Bankshot Sports
A group of West Hartford residents is working to renovate Jonathan's Dream, a public playground for children of all abilities. Recent funding makes it possible for them to bring a set of unusual basketball hoops to the playground, called Bankshot, aimed at all ages and abilities.
Playground | Playground Design
A Superintendent of Parks for a municipal government, shares his experience with playground design. Designing a playground? This is a must read.
Play Across Rural, Suburban, and Urban Environments
Each semester I teach a seminar titled Fine Arts and Play for the Developing Child. The first assignment is to compose a 2000-word essay depicting childhood memories of play. The essays suggest that access and opportunities for play vary greatly across rural, suburban, and urban settings.
FreeDigitalPhotos - “Wheelchair” by ponsulak
John McGovern gives a clear understanding of the accessibility requirements for playgrounds as directed by the Americans With Disabilities Act. How do the rules apply to local government playgrounds, privately owned playgrounds, church playgrounds, and HOA playgrounds?