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When someone says “adventure playground” I, and I suspect most people, have a vision somewhat like the one above and envision a playspace comprised mostly of junk and reclaimed lumber cobbled together into semi-permanent structures. The concept was first introduced in 1943 and not only do a few such playgrounds continue to exist but occasionally a...
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2016—It Could be a Great Year for Play The year is only 2 weeks old and I can already tell that it is going to be a great year for play.   The New Jersey State House and Senate voted at the end of the year to make recess mandatory.  The bill is now sitting on Governor Christie’s desk waiting for his signature.  The legislation will require...
There were two things, no, make that three, that struck me enough about Patricia Flatley Brennan Maslow-like "Hierarchy of the Imagination" to make me want to share it with you:
In a recent conversation with play designer Cas Holman, best know for her Rigamajig, she mentioned the Cyborg Manifesto, an essay written by Donna Haraway. Many writers have adopted Ms. Haraway’s notion of humans becoming cyborgs for various purposes and I found it fascinating to research that many branched discussion.
Merry Christmas from PGP
In 2000, Curtis Stoddard approached Harris Publishing with the idea of publishing a magazine to champion the playground industry. Originally called Today’s Playground and then Playground Magazine, the publication reached thousands of readers with insightful information from industry leaders.
Parents wondering whether to wait a year to send their kids to kindergarten, take note: A new study from Stanford University shows that Danish kids who postponed kindergarten for up to one year showed dramatically higher levels of self-control.
Playground Professionals booth at NRPA Conference
Las Vegas - Bright lights, fine dining, star entertainment, all the latest innovations and ideas in the recreation and park industry...what? Which of these items does not seem to belong? The Playground Professionals team enjoyed meeting colleagues at the 2015 NRPA Conference in Las Vegas.
Playground Surfacing Issue
The first day of Fall is here and so is the Surfacing issue of Play and Playground Magazine! Read it today!
2015 NRPA Conference
Playground Professionals will be exhibiting at the 2015 NRPA Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Visit Booth #2161 to discover the wonderful resources offered in their website with Play and Playground Magazine, Play and Playground News Center, The Play and Playground Encyclopedia, Park and Recreation Equipment Directory, and Local Playground...
Play and Playground Magazine Summer 2015 Inclusion issue
The digital online version of the latest issue of Play and Playground Magazine all about Inclusion is now available to be read.
Play and Playground Magazine Spring 2015 Construction issue
We’ve always been about play – we just didn’t have it in our title! Playground Magazine is now Play and Playground Magazine! And the latest issue - Spring 2015 - is now available to be read for free online.
Bernie DeKoven - Playground Professionals News Columnist
Playground Professionals is pleased to introduce the newest columnist to join our team of contributors - Bernie DeKoven! He is a highly sought-out expert on PLAY and will be speaking at Sandbox Summit 2015, held March 23 and 24 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. You will want to keep up with Bernie as he gives his thoughts...On Playfulness!
2014 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Contest
The results of the 2014 Global Cardboard Challenge Video Contest are in! Thanks to all the talented folks who jumped behind their cameras to capture the creativity and magic of the 2014 Global Cardboard Challenge.
Voice of Play Board of Advisor, Dr. Joe Frost
The Voice of Play Board of Advisors, comprised of industry experts, supports IPEMA’s efforts to increase the quality and quantity of children’s play and playgrounds. Dr. Joe Frost, or otherwise known as the contemporary father of play advocacy, is recognized around the world for his work in children’s play and play environments.
Dr Stuart L Brown - Voice of Play advisor
The Voice of Play Board of Advisors, comprised of industry experts, supports IPEMA’s efforts to increase the quality and quantity of children’s play and playgrounds. Dr. Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, joined the team of industry experts in 2011.
SHAPE America - SPEAK Out! Day
Advocacy in support of school health and physical education is vital to the future of the profession as well as to the millions of school age children across the country. Please join us for the 2015 SPEAK Out! Day, SHAPE America's annual member lobby event in Washington, DC.
Voice of Play - International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association
IPEMA would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for play and the opportunities it provides!
US Play Coalition conference
The theme of the 2015 Conference on the Value of Play is Advancing Play. It will be held February 15-18, 2015 at the Madren Center, Clemson, South Carolina.
International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association
The IPEMA membership and board met this week in New Orleans, in conjunction with the ASTM meetings held there.
ASTM International
IPEMA is holding its Annual Membership Meeting during ASTM committee week (November 9-14) in New Orleans, Louisiana.